Wednesday, August 17, 2016

And so begins 2016-2017 school year...

It's hard to believe this summer is over. I think this can go down as the summer that went the fastest. It was a great summer. We started it off with a bang of 2 weeks of sickness. Then filled it up with lots of family visits and trips and swimming and all that fun stuff. 
But i'm not here to talk about summer vacation today. I'm here to report some back to school pictures. 
Wow. How do i have a 4th grader?
I am beginning to feel old. 

My 1st and 4th grader.
 The best back to school picture of all times.
Not pinterest worthy.
Unless, of course, it was a pinterest fail. :)

Oh, i love them
And all of their drama.
Apparently they got it all (the drama)from me.
So what's not to love?

Baby does not want to pose. Brother tries to hold her.
Not working.
The younger brother does NOT like when little sister cries.
The older ones laugh.
And the mommy photographer laughs and snaps away.

 Not what mommy was imagining, but these are the ones that make the most memories.
The real life ones.

 All ready to start something new...
 She gets to be in the same grade as her cousin!

 The adorable 1st graders.

And now it's 2 in school and 2 at home.
In some ways life is at it's craziest right now.
Please someone tell me it doesn't get any crazier.
Just have to get used to the new normal.
Like little sister has to figure out how to play with out big sister.
And little brother has to realize life isn't all fun and movies.
Not that it ever was, but he had in his head that when older ones go to school it'll be movie time.
Big bummer.

Of course we need a run down to see how my little ones are growing.

Carter in 1st grade
Brooklyn 3
Jamison 10 months

Carter in second grade
Brooklyn 4
Jamison 1

Carter 3rd grade
Brooklyn K5
Jamison 2
Violet 6 months

And this year
Carter in 4th grade
Brooklyn in 1st
Jamison 3
Violet 1 1/2

Happy school year to you!
Whether you are the teacher,  homeschooling or running your kiddos to and from school.
May this year be great!!!