Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The one where the little brother gets married...

So happy to post this blog post.

So excited for my little brother who found a girl and got married. :) 

Justin is 5 years younger than me. 
 Lets just say i was pretty excited when i finally got the little sibling i had been wanting..
He is the only brother in our family. 
So, yes, he was tad bit hen pecked and spoiled. 
But all in all he turned out pretty good. 

And now it is so fun having a sister in law! 

The wedding day was a fun day. 
Everyone was pretty much healthy that day. 
We won't talk about the days before or following, though. 

Brooklyn and Jamison were the Mini Bride and Groom. 
They were adorable, in my opinion. 
It is nerve racking to have a 3 yr child walking up the aisle though. 
Specially this boy. 
You just never know what he will say or do next. 

 Carter was a handsome gift receiver..
 And Violets job was to be cute. She did pretty well at that. :)
 These 2. They are 10 months apart and are best friends.

 The mother and father of the groom...
 Our little family of 6.
 The bride and groom with some of the best kiddos in the world.
They love Uncle Justin and their new Aunt Rosy.
But some of them aren't sure what to think about Uncle Justin not living at Grampa and Grandma's anymore. :)
 My sister and her growing family!!!
 My little brother and sister..
We always called them the "Little ones" back in the day. :)

 MR and MRS...

 Violet was showing off her dress here. :)

 My dad and his siblings...
Weddings are awesome family reunion times..
 My little sis and i posing before the wedding...
 Moments before walking down the aisle...

 The awesome Maid of Honor helping to entertain...
 Family tables...

 Pretty and yummy cake...
 So cute..
 Beautiful ladies...
 Parent and grandparent table...
 Tired out mini groom..
 Uncle Jeff got her to sleep....
 The older cousins....
There were alot of girls and then Justin,,, followed by more girls...
Yup he was hen pecked.
 The younger boy cousins decorating the truck...
 Leaving for the honeymoon!
(That is if you can get past the niece who is lost in her own world. )

Congratulations Justin and Rosy!! 

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