Friday, February 26, 2016

And she is ONE!!

The baby turned one this month!

I mentally prepared myself for this event. (the one where your baby turns one and you go into shock, cuz seriously didn't you just give birth!!??!)

 Anyhow, it was a fun little party..

I love little girly girls. And so far, Violet is just that. Thanks to her big sister seeing that she has a baby doll near by and pretty things to wear, etc.

It was fun decorating her little cake.

And it was an honor to have my Grandparents and Aunt here for the party too.
They stopped in one year ago when Violet was born..
And came again for her first birthday party!

 {one year ago, when they visited at the hospital}

Daddy helping her with her first taste... 

Ready to dig in...

Dig in very delicately, that is.
And i do believe the older siblings were more excited than the birthday girl!!

So much to take in..
So little time...

Loving the idea of cake, but not sure about the mess.....

 The look you give when you are tired of cake. :)

 A little bit of thought about just diving in head first...

 If nothing else, birthdays are at least great for getting attention... :)

Happy birthday Violet Capri! Every day we thank God for giving you to us!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

The first year of the last baby...

 After the birth of your last baby.
The feelings you get!
Yay! This is my last!
I can survive the sleepless nights one.last.time.
Get rid of all maternity Clothes!!!! ( that is one exciting one right there!)
Lose the baby weight and not gain it all back with next pregnancy.
Enjoy the freedom that is coming soon!( no bottles, diapers, naps, you name it. )

And then there are the ..
Oh my word, this is my last! Shock and sadness times....
And you---
Rock her more.
Let the world pass you on by and enjoy each moment.
Not be so freaked out about schedule... just kinda go with the flow.
Spoil her a little more than the others, maybe? Hmmm.. we will work on that.

True quote from our house in this past year:
Brooklyn :"Mom, before Violet was born who was you favorite (Child) then?" :) :)

I love babies.
Always have always will.
The baby days have come to a close around here ( as far as ones i grow in my tummy)...
I survived the one year old birthday.
Not sure how that year went so fast.
But i enjoyed each moment, i really did.

One year later....
All grown up.
Well, looking all grown up.

*The pictures of me and my forever baby were captured by Heidi Stutzman Photography