Friday, August 21, 2015

I'm back! :)

It's me again. 

Maybe i need to re-introduce myself. 

Who am i?

My name is Alyssa Renee. 
My parents were going to name me Alyssa Sue. And my maiden name was Smith. 
Thankfully they put two and two together and saved me from having ASS as my initials. :) 

I don't do well with technology. Read about that here- We recently got a new laptop. So between that and being a mom.. there hasn't been much blogging! (only what i blog in my head) :)

Also, when pictures are taken of me they are often taken by my skilled photographer child. So this explains the blurriness .

I'm a crazy busy mama these days.
Call me busy.
Call me crazy.
Call me mama. 
Either one will work. 

I'm married to Curtis. 
He is a really handsome guy.
There was a head on collision with a softball this summer, though that took away from his awesome looks. 
A broken cheekbone was the result. 
And there was surgery. 
But it meant i got to spend more time with him and serve him more! 
By the way his eyelashes are even longer in real life. :)

This summer we celebrated our 10th anniversary. 
A whole decade. 
So crazy. 
By now i would have thought we would have it all together. 
We have grown up quite a bit since then---
But nope we don't have it all together. 
But thankfully between God and the 2 of us

This picture was taken on our Anniversary date.
We used a gift card when we ate out. 
Then got a free night of mini golf, because they were remodeling the course. 
After ten years, these are the things that are romantic and exciting! (free stuff + alone time = awesome)

I don't take a wonderful marriage for granted

I thank God for that every day, actually. 

Along the way we got real blessed. 

And we now have 4 kiddos. 

Some days we forget about the real blessed part and start to feel stressed. 
But, for real. They are cute and make us laugh. 

The oldest started 3rd grade this year. He also had a birthday this summer. He shares a birthday with his daddy. 
It was a Lego cake this time. 
They are 8 and 31!

And the second oldest started Kindergarten at home... 

Then we have the third born who is talking more then not talking these days. To anyone. (I quickly claim him as a kid that isn't mine when in public :)) He loves his little sister and is so cute with her!

Oh and the baby? Whoever told her she can grow up so fast? 6 Months already. wow. 

Gotta run!
More on me and my life later.