Thursday, May 14, 2015

3 Months..

Bebe Violet just turned 3 months last week. 
And, yes, babies do grow faster and faster each one you have. 
And, no, it isn't right or fair. 

I always love to do a little comparison when it comes to looks and growth.
Here are each of my 4 babies at 3 months. 

 As you can see the girls win the chubby award.

Being the fourth, she is loved on all. of. the. time.
And very layed back, so far.
Just a going with the flow.
 She has the sweetest blue eyes.
She has turned into a great sleeper at night, which helps this mommy out big time!
I keep thinking back to nearly one year ago.. When we found out we were pregnant with this precious girl. Whew- What a year! But totally worth it! :)

Life with four 
keeps me busy
like never before. 

But please don't feel sorry for me..
It's just as fun as i imagined it to be!!  

(just a little poem to end this super fast blog post) :)

And a picture of my little tribe. Taken at or around Easter time!