Monday, April 13, 2015

The sisters...

Back track 3 years to when i was pregnant with Jamison. Brooklyn wanted a little sister so badly.. We didn't know what gender he would be till his birth, so she had a lot of time to wish for a little sister. We tried to prepare her and when she found out she had a little brother she did pretty good. She kept hanging unto the hope though.. thinking there would be slight chance that he could change into a girl. We assured her that wasn't possible.
So ever since she has been wanting a little sister. We got pregnant and as soon as we announced it to our children.. She was already thinking and dreaming little sister. We would tell her we do not know.. And a healthy baby is what we are aiming for. But she wanted nothing with the thought of another brother. :)

Secretly i wanted another little girl, because i have 2 sisters.
And lets face it..
There is nothing like a sister.. and i love having sisters!

So i thought it would be awesome for my daughter to get a sister too..
But, like i said.... i was just thankful to be pregnant and was going to gladly take what came. :)

At that ultra sound, though.. When the technician said..
"Yay, for the little sister idea"
And we said...
"It's a girl, for real?"
And she said yes...
I just COULD NOT wait to go home and tell my girl.

And she was totally excited to say the least.

Since Violet's birth.. Brooklyn has been in baby/sister heaven.
I think it is everything she has dreamed of. :)
She is a big help too.
Pretty much her second Mama.

Don't get me wrong, her brothers love her and she loves them too.

But there is something about a sisterly bond, i can see it already.
And i saw it with my boys as well, with the brotherly bond.

It is so much fun to be a mommy to these sweet little girls. 
And it will be some much fun to watch them grow up together!!

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