Friday, March 6, 2015

My wonderful helpers....

How to survive post C-section.

It's very easy i tell you (to survive)-
Just make sure you have  have a Mom.
And plenty of sisters.
In my case i have 2 sisters and a wonderful mom.

Have them offer to help you and happily oblige to have them come.

Spread out the time they are at your house so you have help to last a good little while.
 {My dad brought my mom down and she was here for almost 2 weeks}
{My older sister left her hubby and oldest son for 6 days to come help me out.. she brought my 2 nieces with her}
{My little sister left her cute Kindergartners for 1 week and helped us out!!}

I had help here until Violet was almost 3 weeks old. ( yes, i was spoiled)

That is how you survive.

And in between the family helping you may also accept help from your in laws. :)

And if people offer to give you food you never say no. :)

In other words I'm saying--
There would be no surviving (post baby/csection) if it wouldn't be for awesome family and friends. 
(insert husband  nodding his head in agreement here)

Oh i suppose we would have lived, you know.
.. but barely, i think. :)

Now, this may all apply to a normal delivery as well.

I am now 4 weeks postpartum and each day/week keeps getting better.
It really is amazing how ones body can heal so fast, really. 
At 3 weeks postpartum i recall thinking--
Hey i can now sneeze, cough or do a belly laugh...
And not feel the PAIN. :)

Getting out of bed is a breeze now..
And the fact that i can now sleep on my back, side AND stomach is like a wonderful good feeling....
That is when i can sleep. :)

Sweet baby dear enjoys eating... every 3 hours or more and she got herself a nasty cough.
So sleep is hard to come by, but i sure sleep good when i sleep. :)

 Now i am left with these 3 helpers.
 And, of course, their wonderful daddy. There has been several rainy days lately.. So daddy can not work. And we don't mind a bit. :)