Thursday, February 12, 2015

Violet Capri's Birth Story

First of all i need to say-
Violet Capri
Born 2.5.2015
At 9:53 in the morning
Weighing in at 7 lbs 11 oz
19.5 inches long

As you may remember-
I am a c-section repeat girl.
So my labor and delivery stories aren't all that different.
Because i skip the while laboring process.
I even am lucky and get to know the date of my baby's birth a month before hand.

But each birth is still different and i like to write it all out so i can remember it for years to come. :)
Read along if you'd like.
Or just enjoy the pictures.

Ok so here i am/was the evening before scheduled csection.

The morning of the csection, i was up bright and early. So ready to get to the hospital and get the who ordeal started!!
7:05- Arrive at hospital early, of course.
So to kill time we take a hospital selfie.
I Vox it to my family and say "Ready to get the party started, but first lets take a hospital selfie" :)
Then we enter the hospital... shift change has just occurred, so it took a little to figure out where they wanted us exactly...
7:30- We are settled in our room
I get hooked up to monitors, IV,drink yucky alka seltzer drink and get all the normal lovely prep work done.
To help pass time we watch 19 kids and counting. And consider that route for us as a family, for a second.
Or not. :)

We sit around for and hour and a half then...
9:00- daddy says it time for him to prep!!!
He always loves putting on these clothes. 

Approx 9:20- They come in the room and its time for me to go to the OR room!!!!!!!!! :)
For something totally different this time around, they gave me the option to walk into ( i always am wheeled into) the OR room. So off i marched, into the freezing cold room and hop up unto the OR table. A weird feeling kind of. :)
9:26-Pretty soon the Spinal is being done, and there is no feeling from my chest down. Another weird feeling.
The catheter is put into place.
And i don't know what all else..
Then the cutting begins!
Daddy soon enters the scene.
9:53- Our little Violet Capri enters the scene with a sputter and soon a loud wail!
 For those that like to see the "behind the scenes" of a csection.
My hubby actually enjoys watching this.
I feel alot of pressure while she is being delivered.
 She was being a pickle about coming out. :)

My very first glimpse of my little girl! I right away noticed her crying mouth looked just like my others. :) 
After she is all cleaned and not too happy about this being out of mommy's tummy. 

And then that awesome moment of kissing your newborn for the very first time. But wishing/wanting to just hold her right then too!! 

 Feeling happy, proud and relieved to be on this side of things.

While i'm getting "put back together".. Daddy is calling family and friends. And taking pictures of her being weighed, etc. 
Its a busy time for him, he says. 

 I was super excited to have a little baby again! :)
My last 2 were 9 plus pounds. So a 7 lb 11 oz seems little!!! :)

I can't remember the exact times here, but it took a little while for the whole sewing back up process,, Then on to recovery, where i held and fed my little girl. Then back to our room.

Everything went perfectly they said. The nurse told me i need to come in and teach other ladies how to do this. I guess there are ones that freak out, grab surgeons bottoms or totally refuse to enter the OR room. I remained calm and helped her job out. :) And trust me, it's not always easy to remain calm, had to keep thinking and praying to keep calm (and carry on). :) 

After her bath and warmer time, we finally got to have her in our room and take some pics.

Daddy's first time actually holding his baby girl.
Can we say proud daddy?! :)
And me with my sweet girl.
So happy to have her in my arms.
And how am i feeling right about then?
Thanks to new  meds they now offer.
I'm pretty much with it and awake.
But i am feeling itchy, from the meds.
And just kinda all over yucky.
The only way i can explain it is when you are trying to read while riding in a car and it makes you feel that car sickness feeling. ..
Thats just kinda how i felt for the rest of the day.
Laying back and closing my eyes felt kinda nice. :)
Oh and several hours after her delivery i can finally move my toes and start getting my feeling back! 

Around 4 something the three VERY excited older siblings arrived!! 

 They are all proud and happy, but the big sister.. well this picture shows how excited she really is. :)
At 6 AM the next morning my catheter is removed, and then the wonderful getting out of  bed for the first time happens soon after that. 
At 10 AM- 24 hrs after her birth- i'm removed from all the moniters and can shower!! And even though the first shower is a total work out itself-- it feels so good to be cleaned up and changing into my own clothes! 

And thus begins the life of Violet Capri.
Stay tuned for many more pictures and posts about this sweet little blessing. 
But right now i want to go hold her, Ok?
They just grow up way to fast!!