Saturday, January 10, 2015


Hello its been awhile.
So I'm going to go all random on you in this post.

First off I'll say, i miss blogging.
I haven't forgot about it one little bit.
Its just that something overtook my blogging time.
Sleep did.
Yup, i conk out like never before.
This baby number 4 has drained every bit of energy from me.

Anyhow, onto random.
We just came back from 10 wonderful days in PA. It was a great bonding time for everyone. Bonding with the flu, that is. Everyone got some form of it.. My 3 children had a fever and cough for 8 days. Yes, it was draining. But glad to say we survived.

Oh and speaking of my family-
Here we are.
Had professional pics taken back in October.
When we were all healthy, wealthy and wise.
OK just healthy.

Hilarious Pregnancy comments-

Yesterday while in Bi lo searching for the perfect frozen pizza i had the funniest encounter.

Freezer stocking man employee: (hollering down the aisle) "Hey, if you have your baby right now, that would be fine... "
Me: "Oh, ok..really?"
Him: "Yes, because I've delivered a couple babies before already"
Me: "Oh wow"
Him: Yup, Have you dropped???! Cuz you sure look like you have dropped"
Me: Ummm, I'm not sure, i may have..
Then he proceeds to come over to me, take off his freezer gloves.
FEEL my stomach and says-
Him" OH YES,. you've definitely dropped! Feel that muscle right, there? And that indentation?
Me: Umm yeah?
Him: That is a definite sign! That baby is coming soon........
Back to stocking. He went.
And I'm still trying to figure out which pizza would best suit our family...
And he is hollering down the aisle.
Telling me how ladies usually carry boys lower and girls higher. And so its really low how I'm carrying this baby girl...  and also around this time i had a hot flash. She he added that into the calculations as well.
I'm overheated,
Have dropped..
SO baby is coming soon.
Oh my, It was all could do to not die laughing. Seriously. I wanted to so bad.i
Instead, i finally grabbed some pizza (still don't know what kind i picked!:). Wished him a great day. Thanked him for the prayers he promised to be praying for me and continued on with my shopping.
Please, someone tell me why this dear man is only stocking Bi lo shelves?
Shouldn't he be working full time delivering babies???

There isn't much I'm going to miss about being pregnant.
But the funny comments might be something i do miss.

Last month our Young Married group had an Ugly sweater party. Should i be proud that the only thing i like (almost) ever won was the ugliest award at a party? And should i be even prouder that my husband also came in first?
Yes, i should be - because we did win Starbucks gift cards after all.

Our little family Christmas-
We had our little family Christmas the week before Christmas.
We did the 4 gift thing this year.
Something you need
Something you want
Something you read
Something you wear.
I really liked it and i think they did too.

I barely take the time to browse it.
But the evenings my hubby is gone and the kiddos are all tucked in. That is my relax and not think time. :)
Saw this quote and have to agree.
Specially on the hungry part.

 Date Set!
Yup, i won't be pregnant forever. In less then 4 weeks we have the csection date set! Gets me excited and nervous all at the same time!! 
Still feel so blessed to be carrying this little baby,,, 
And its true ---

I hope you have a blessed weekend.