Sunday, November 16, 2014

Brooklyn Sage turns 5!

Brooklyn Sage :
A lover of all things girly. Anything girly, you name it- she loves it! A disliker of most things pertaining to the outside world. And one who highly dislikes animals. Also know to be easily scared by things and people, which is awesome for the older brother.

She has shocked us lately with her ability to act civil around cats, even petting them!! Maybe by 6 she can conquer the dog fear!And don't get me started on mice. We don't have them in our house, but she has nightmares about them. She has also started ramping her bike along with her big brother!

We recently celebrated her 5th birthday. It was an extremely fun time for her. She went on a date with Daddy and Mommy. And had a small party with us and the next day her cousins.

We, well pretty much I, chose an easy cake and geared it towards a princessy theme. Since princesses are so fun. 

What happens when the little brother dives in and blows out the candles before you get a chance!
He just had a birthday and felt responsible to do it himself! :)

 She discovered her birthday gift in the closet. (unwrapped) the day of her birthday.
She was concerned saying " Mom, should i just act like i don't know what it was?"
So this is her acting surprised about her new princess shoes.

Happy 5th birthday Brooklyn!
I love having a little girl to go shopping with.
And even one that lets me know when my outfit looks good or funny.:)

May i never take you for granted and always remember enjoy each moment with you!!!

 * credits go to Heidi (Mast) Stutzman Photography  for the professional pictures!