Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A little run down on me and my growing self..

I believe it was 2 posts back i mentioned that we have another lil munchkin in utero. 

This pregnancy is flying by and dragging by at the same time. 
If you know what i mean. :) 

I guess with age and more children to run after it doesn't get any easier to grow lil ones. 

But we are managing and i just have to remember that when pregnant i have half of the energy..

So that means that -
Our house gets half cleaned
My children might only get half bathed and dressed
The meals i cook will be half delightful
And hubby, well, he gets half of my attention as well. 

And this sweet, tiny always moving munchkin gladly, I'm sure, takes all the rest(of my energy) so it can grow good and strong. :)

How far along am i?
24 weeks. That sounds like a good number. Being over  half way is always nice. 
And just like my 3 pregnancies before- I'm growing like a weed. My whole body "does pregnant very well" and never ceases to amaze me with it's growing abilities. :) 
This pic was taken a couple weeks ago.

 What are we having? 
This time around we decided to find out. We have been surprised twice. And found out once..And we loved both ways. This time we felt like finding out so we did again. Ahhhh. What fun. I love ultra sounds. I don't care what people say.. babies are such lil miracles. And i feel super blessed to be given not 1, but 4!!

 We had a gender reveal with the children. 
They were so excited for this.
Brooklyn and Carter both wanted a little sister. 
Specially Brooklyn.
We were so excited for them that they got their wish. 
 And i have to say I'm really excited to dress a baby girl again. 
So much to do now...
So many headbands and fun girly things to buy. 
A boy probably would have been a cheaper option.
 So excited!! 
Jamison doesn't have a clue whats going on, of course.

And that's where we are at now folks. 
Taking one day at a time. 
Not letting one moment slip by where i don't thank God for this sweet lil one. 
Enjoying each pregnant moment-
 Whether it be the fun symptoms like the baby sweetly kicking me or the other not so pleasant pregnant symptoms that occur. 

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  1. So excited for you all!! You're looking great! Can't wait to see that little girl. - Judy


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