Thursday, September 4, 2014

What all happened while i was gone.

Hello. Its been awhile, i know. 
Where does one start when they've been gone so long?
I don't know. 
But i'm going to go back to the beginning of our summer and take you right to the end. 
Just a really quick run down, if at all possible. 
(we did many other things this summer, but this is, sadly, all i took pictures of)

Our summer started out with a bang.

It was the last day of school and we were excited! 
Curtis was leaving for work and discovered our shed was broken into during the night. 
Mostly all of his hunting stuff and a bunch of tools were taken.
Not fun to deal with. 
But a great lesson to teach kiddos. 
About how God wants us to Hate the sin(robbery).. but LOVE the sinner (robber).
And to PRAY for those that do wrong to us.

Then we went to school and watched Carter along with all the other students release balloons for the last day of the year!! Goodbye 2013-2014 school year!!
The next night was the ending awards program.
Then there was a last minute weekend trip to PA for a funeral.
The kiddos  had a blast hanging out with their second cousins and we had a blast hanging out with their parents.

 Well, Jamison had fun for the most part. :)
 We picked blueberries at the blueberry patch up the road.

Soon after that we enjoyed a week long visit from my mom and sister! 

What crazy daughters she raised!! :)
 We did all kinds of fun stuff, but i wasn't taking too many pics. 
Here we were are hanging out at the flea market. 
A fun place to go and feel all touristy! 

Next we celebrated birthdays and took a trip to Charleston. 

We kept cool by going to the local spray ground. 

 And we did lots of swinging.
There was lots and lots of shopping to replace stolen hunting things.

Some where in there.. i found my daughter "reading" this one day. :)

And we celebrated and thanked God for new life growing inside of me. 
(Baby #4 due Feb 2015)
We swam in our kiddie pool many, many times.
Sometimes even wearing life jackets if we wanted. 
Then all too soon. 
Almost in the blink of an eye.
We headed back to the land of schedules and school and all that fun stuff. 

And he is now a second grader!! 

Happy Fall to you!
I hope to be back here more,, now that my pregnancy is to the point i'm feeling better!!

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