Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The one where they get their first pet...

We talked about this
And thought about this..
For a very long time. 

I know it sounds silly, 
but i think we put more thought into getting our first pet
then we did about having children. 

And, yes, i did grow up on a farm and lived around animals all of my life. 
Probably why i put so much thought into it. 
Animal are work.
And after taking care of 3 chillin's all day, 
i didn't feel the need for any MORE work. 

But we knew the time was nigh.
The time when its time to teach the youngin's responsibility and such. 
So we decided on a bunny. 

Pretty much the easiest pet around. 

They don't bark or meow. 
Or jump up on you. 
Or rub at your feet when you hang out laundry. 
And hey! they don't even "moo" or need to be milked twice a day. 

So finally the day arrived. 
The bunny pen had been built.
The feeder dug out of the father in laws garage.
The water feeder and food bought at the local feed mill. 
And it was time to go pick up- 

Yes, Hopper is his name. 
The children came up with the name on their own..
even before we purchased the little guy. 

We got him from our friends who have a little bunny farm.
And brought him home in a good ole' Luvs box.

We held him and showed him lots of attention.
While Jamison looked on in disbelief.
Most likey he was worried that he was not the baby anymore.

Carter even told me, soon after we bought him-
"Mom, i have TWO brothers now!!!!!! Hopper and Jamison!"

Carter with his other lil "brother"

And here is Brooklyn amazing me.
She is a hater of all animals and bugs in general. 
But she is a baby lover...
So we wrapped it in a baby blanket,,
It felt like a baby..
And she loves to hold  him now. 

They love when i set his wire cage in the grass. Then they feed him and Carter loves to reach in an catch him and hold him. 

 I do believe we have a very spoiled lil bunny. 

All is going well and responsibility is being taught. 
But they are already begging for another pet--
A Kitty! 

Pretty sure we will just be happy with cute lil Hopper for a good while!