Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Easter Egg Hunting...

What did your Easter traditions consist of when you were a child?

For me ,of course, the main one was celebrating the Risen Savior.
But we also got together for the most scrumptious meal and and Easter egg hunt at my Pappy and Mammy's house.
I'm pretty sure i didn't miss a year from a lil tot till i was too old to be hunting eggs.:)
We had many traditions that went along with that. Including, but not limited to, trying to find the golden egg to win the big prize. 

It is exciting when your own child can experience what you yourself got to experience as a child..
This Easter my children got to have a wonderful meal at Pappy's followed by a small Easter egg hunt.
This was Jamison's first year.
And i have to admit that he was so stinkin' cute with his little basket.

Waiting on the porch steps, until you have the go ahead to find the eggs.

My three littles. Who just so happen to be growing up a little too fast.

Daddy giving him the direction he needed. 

Telling him about the basket, etc. 

Carter telling us he has four eggs!

Getting the idea now! :)


So proud of his finds.. 

Another one in...

 And then the candy is discovered....:)
 Posing with their finds..

Cavities here we come!! 

 This picture cracked me up. Grandma Smith and Brooklyn posing cutely.. And Jamison is not impressed with something.. :)
Have a great rest of the week!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Photos of the brothers....

The brothers being all matchy. 
They look so grown up these days. 
And are looking so much alike, i think! 

This shows Jamsion totally ^! Always looking to his older brother to know how to act. He is really starting to mimic and copy whatever Carter does. 

They seriously are best buds. Carter hardly ever gets mad at him.. and if he does Jamison is in shock. :)
 It's so fun watching them grow up together as brothers.