Monday, February 24, 2014

The mother/son prank...

The year was 2013.
The date was April First.

The mother was busy with her 3 little ones. Ages five, three and 6 months.
She was homeschooling the five year and as you can imagine she was home alot and did not get out much.

Somehow the oldest son found out the date.
April Fools.
And he knew that is a day where you do something/play a joke on someone or something.
And he would not let up.
Mom, what can we do???? And when can we do it?? He would say over and over.

The mother did not have any good ideas, or so she thought.
Suddenly, though, upon the 10th time of asking...
An idea popped into her head.

We could spread/drizzle this-

All over this--

And it would like P double O P spread all over the toilet.

The son, as I'm sure  you can all imagine, was delighted with this plan!

So the mom got the Hershey's syrup out,, drizzled it all over and smeared it all around.
Then she told the son to not breath a word about it.
Although she figured he would be like any five year old boy and let it slip somewhere!

About an hour after the initial drizzling they had their first user.
The three old daughter entered the bathroom.
They heard a little gasp/squeal.
Then out comes the daughter,
head hanging down.
And she says to the mother in a quiet, meek voice.
"Mom, i pooped all over the toilet"

"You, did?!?" says the mother.
And then she tries to hide a smile and sends her to the other bathroom.
The son is loving every minute of it, hands clasped over his face, trying to hide his laughing.
The daughter is just amazed the the "mean mommy witch" didn't appear, since "she" made a big mess all over the toilet.

Well, fast forward to evening.
The daddy enters the scene, tired and worn out from a long day at work.
We have slightly forgotten about the toilet episode.

The dad is sitting at the computer taking a little break.
The daughter walks into the bathroom to do her duties and sees the chocolate and remembers.
So she goes out of the bathroom and as she is walking by the dad she mutters under her breath..
"Can't go in there, there's poop all over the potty!"

The daddy being the great dad he is goes to investigate.
The mother and son are crowded in the kitchen at this point, realizing the joke is reaching it's peak.
The dad enters the bathroom and starts exclaiming(loudly!)..
"Ugh, what is it?! Daughter what did you do?!!!, etc, etc"
And they hear a quiet little
"I pooped allll over"
More exclaiming from the dad..

And where are the culprits?

In the kitchen.
Totally losing it.
The mother is laughing so hard she has tears running down her cheeks.
The son is laughing hysterically.

The dad and the daughter come walking into the kitchen with confused looks.

And then they realize the joke is on them...
And that went down as the best, on the whim April Fools Joke ever done for the Mother.
And the son?
Well, he has not forgotten about that day. And has been asking ever since when April 1st is going to be again. And wondering what they will do this time.
The mother does not know.

But she does know that all that happened that day was just what the "Dr ordered".. It doesn't take much for a stay at home mom to go buggy...
But on that day she had fun with her son and a good, hard laugh.

The end!

p.s. Happy April Fools planning .. :) It'll be here before you know it!

Friday, February 21, 2014

The month that was just plain interesting...

Well, it's been interesting around here lately!

ice storm
being without electric for 80 hours
then an earthquake(!)

Yes, i call that interesting

 First I'll take you back to Jan 31st.
Field trip with the school students.
A fun and fast day at Fort Sumter.
It was chilly but the sun felt good.

 On Feb first i snapped this picture of our fast fading snowman! This was the last of the snow. We thought we wouldn't see any more white stuff for a very long time.

It's February fun month at school. This is clash day. 
 We played outside. In the dirt, of course.

The sweet neighbor lady came over and assisted me with Carter's school Valentine's.
 And we made cut out cookies that resembled heart candies.

 "Your just plane cool"
 Then the unexpected happened. We had an ice storm.
The south is not prepared for such things.
The trees were covered up so much.

It was very pretty, but very destructive!

There were trees snapping
power lines falling!

Just up the road from us there is a black line burned across the road and on the grass, where the line fell.
It looks like a hurricane ripped through our land!

 Icicles down south is very rare! :)
 We tried to brave the cold and lasted for a full 12 hours. :)

 Then we drove to visit friends and family.
While at our friends place, their electric came back on, so we moved in with them.
I have no pictures.
But it was fun.

We got to experience an earthquake with them!
Something i never felt before.
Brooklyn even felt it and came down from her bed and asked why their house was wiggling. :)
 Read about it here..

The one night we visited PaPa and Grandma and got in some more game playing.

No electric makes you slow down.
And it makes you appreciate the electric that you take for granted everyday!
We were very happy to have ours come back on (after 80 hrs) and move back home to our own beds.

The UPS deliveries were way behind. Late one eve. we received a package in the mail.

 Happy children! :)

And then there was the bad hair day. :)

And now we are dealing with coughing and the like..
Which is leading to many sleepless nights..
fun times!
 February is flying by!
How is yours going?