Wednesday, January 29, 2014

When it snows down south...

Baby's first time to enjoy the falling snow...
 So to picture (to yourself), what it's like when it snows in the south.
Picture the first snow, of the season, up north. (people excited)
But picture it on a whole different excitement level!
There hasn't been snow here in 3 years.
That is a long time people!

So school lets out.
Even if it is possible for people to drive, why go to school? 
because the children would be waayyy to excited to even think of doing school work!
And work?
No, you can not haul barns if it is going to snow!
So my hubby is home and that is grand! 

So we waited all day for this snow to start.. it took forever for it to come.. finally right about bedtime
and maybe just a tad past..
We discovered the snow had started!!
So we postponed bedtime and headed out to the snowy outdoors!

Can we say "Delighted?!?!"

Trying to fathom it all....

Let it SNOW!!!

 Before the snow even had much of a chance to land, it was gobbled up by hungry children. :)
 In the morning you wake up to a white world.
You bundle up to the best of your ability.
The southern way of bundling(due to lack of warm clothing) is interesting in itself, but you do what feels best and don't worry about looks.

 You trump around and eat more snow, and just enjoy the white world!

 Red nosed lil boy!
 Our house doesn't know what to think.
 And my poor, poor Palm bush is feeling very cold.
  The snow was very dry, but we did manage to make a cute lil snowman, err lady.

And as fast as the snow comes, it begins to melt.
And we are filled with fun, cold, wet memories.
And we wonder how many years it will be till we get to see this again??

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

We made Rock Candy lollipops!

So our Christmas vacation was very low key.
I tried to sprinkle in some fun times, though.
To keep the children happy and the mama, well, happy too.

I found this idea here. And i just knew i would be trying it soon.Christmas vacation was the perfect time.

 I used up all my sugar and had to use some cinnamon sugar i had on hand in place of the regular sugar. I also failed to follow directions properly and kinda messed up on the boiling part of it.
Would this even work?

"Act confident and you will appear like you know what you are doing". HA
This is a good quote i try to use and think about often :)
Or at least what i tried to use while doing this.
We poured the mixture into the goblets.
And then came the hard part.
These boogers had to sit ON my counter for 2 whole weeks.

Yesterday the 2 weeks was up.
So it was with great joy we broke them out of their "cocoons".. and this is what we got!

 So cool!
And so worth the wait!

 You know what they say...
2 weeks to make them...
2 minutes to eat them...
Or something like that..

They were thoroughly enjoyed!
What a fun little project that was super easy!
And super tasty too!

Try it today!