Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Feliz Navidad....from the bottom of my heart...

Christmas is here tomorrow!?
I was being extremely layed back about Christmas this year,
because we aren't travelling anywhere this year.
First time we are staying put in our 8 years of being married.
So, yes, Christmas snuck right up on me.
And, yes, i was the one in Wal-Mart yesterday trying to find some last minute gifts.
Anyhow, it really has been an enjoyable December so far.
Somehow, (thanks to a very busy little boy) i have not managed to snap many pictures this season.

Busy doing what you say?
Any place that you can climb is awesome.

PA girls meet in the south.
Back in the day.
When i was a teenager. 
I used to hang out with these two ladies.
It just so happened that we are all married now and make our home in SC,
not PA.
So we gathered together to chat and make Christmas candies. 
There really is nothing like getting together with friends from your old stompin' grounds and hanging out for the day! 
Of course, its different now. We tend to little ones and talk pregnancy and the such. 
 Lots of sugar highs abounded that day. Specially for my youngest, who was swiping all day long.. :)
 Donna's little cutie!
My oldest, is old enough to be in the school play.
 That was a weird feeling indeed.
I thought I'd be bawling my eyes out, but i managed to just get some tears in my eyes.
They did such a great job!
And i was quite proud of them. 

 He was a little black sheep..

Another day i got together with a friend and made cookie cut outs.
Where two or more are gathered, making cookies is much more fun!!

We gave the children their gift from us last eve...
So much fun seeing their surprised reactions..

Last night we had our traditional family Christmas supper.
So far for tradition to be continued-
1.it must be candle lit
2.pigs in a blanket must be on the menu

Other then that its whatever the mom gets around to serving. 
Last night we had 
Carrots and dip
Caramel and chocolate fondue.
With banana, strawberries and apples.
Brownies and marshmallows.
  It was a good time had by all. 
Of course, candle light and fondue is interesting with a 1 yr old, but we won't go there. :)

Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

His First (real) Hair Cut..

 Before the haircut experience. 
And feeling just a tad bit on the grumpy side of life. 

I say its his first REAL haircut, because a certain somebody..
Which may or may not be his very own mother..
Tried to just cut a little bit off the front, so he wouldn't have hair in his eyes.
Yeah, well. If you aren't used to giving haircuts and only have a giant scissors then my advice to you would be-
Leave it to someone who knows what they are doing!:)
 A couple weeks later we tried the real barber.

Here he is experiencing the first haircut..
 He sat there very motionless. Not sure what to think.

This is a little,southern barber shop, with the sweetest Miss Margaret for a barber. You will often see a another sweet southern lady there and listen to them chat while a perm is in the process. Notice in the mirror below.
 Just checkin' out the barber. :)
 Not sure what he is thinking here..
But he was as still as ever.

I don't have a great after haircut picture of just him yet, but here is one of me and my littles..
It didn't totally make him look grown up over night, which i was glad. :)
There is something frightening about your baby getting his very first haircut..
They go from looking like a baby to a toddler just like that.