Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Documenting him at 1 yr...

These are his professional one year pictures. 
Taken by our trusty photographer Heidi!

 Boys do not grow up gradually. They move forward in spurts like the hands of clocks in railway stations. - Cyril Connolly
 One moment I'm thinking so cute and i can't cover him in enough kisses.. 
And the next moment I'm thinking pure exasperation! 
Oh, the toddler years.. i kinda forgot how tough ages 1-2 is.

Mothers of little boys work from son up till son down! - Unknown
 While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

 There was never a child so lovely but his mother was glad to get him to sleep.  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson
 Waving hello...

 He has got his daddy's brown eyes and long eyelashes..

"My grandma says when God made me, He was just showing off"-unknown
have a happy thanksgiving!!!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

My love/hate relationship with technology...


 Go ahead, before you even read this-- 

Just call me the-  

Grinch of Technology..

I am as old fashioned as they come.. and i feel like an old granny in the whole world of technology. :)



: the use of science in industry, engineering, etc., to invent useful things or to solve problems
: a machine, piece of equipment, method, etc., that is created by technology

And the technology I'm basically referring to here would be electronic devices otherwise knows as iPhone, ipad, Nintendo, kindle, DS, even the GPS, and you know the rest (I'm not the techy one!)! 

I LOVE- How i can call my husband at any given time of the day whenever the need arises. Does he like this?? Hmmm, not sure.:)

I HATE- How people don't even know how to read maps anymore

I LOVE- How you can leave the house and then figure out what time and where you will meet up with people. 

I HATE- how people use their phones in church. Yes, i know you use it to look up references, take notes, etc. But i also have seen you on Facebook. And that just grinds me to my core. 

I LOVE- Chatting with friends across the miles. Even webcaming with them. 

I HATE- How people don't even have to communicate with the outside world or the ones they come in contact with. Step into an elevator. Don't want to make small talk with the lady beside me? Just pretend I'm tapping away, busy on the phone. 

I LOVE- When we are driving out in the middle of no where and we are hungry for Chick-fil-a so we tap away on the Iphone! And WaLAH! It tells us right where to go. 

I HATE- How people let their kids watch movies and stuff everywhere they go.. Go out to eat,, just plop that in front of them.. Hey works great for the parents, cuz they can eat in peace! But it's teaching the little munchkins what again!? ( i can't remember) Oh yeah! To stuff their nose in front of the screen and not communicate with the people around them! 

I LOVE- Letting my kids play a game once in a blue moon. They are deeply "deprived" when it comes to these electronics.

I HATE- The world of APPS! Everyone laugh out loud now... but i don't take the time for this and it all looks so overwhelming and huge.. There is an APP for everything!!!

I LOVE- blogging, reading blogs, being on Pinterest and all that other fun stuff! 
Oh, yes there are many more loves and plenty more hates, but I think I'm gonna stop while the going is good. :)

If you LOVE, LOVE technology then I'm happy for you and i hope you keep that love alive..

But please don't let me see you, in church, on your phone (or whatever you use!) surfing Pinterest or anything other then the Bible!!! You don't want to see my bad side! 


 Thanks for tuning in today to my humorous, but truer then true, thoughts on all this electronic stuff. 
Someday I'll probably eat my words and be a full fledged APP user. But by the time i figure that out, there will be something newer and cooler taking its place. 

Saw this and thought it was funny...

Friday, November 15, 2013

Here goes random again...

Woke up the other morning to this on the counter...actually woke up to it many mornings in a row.
We've been having many sleepless nights, filled with stuffy noses and coughing and coughing and more coughing (for the kiddos). 
After almost 2 weeks of this I'm feeling like a postpartum mommy again. But here is to better days/nights ahead.. 
AND what a great reminder to be thankful for the good health we do have.....

 I live in a humble, small abode... and lets face it.. to often there is clutter everywhere.
 I have this little corner in my room were i tried to create a little "escape place".
It's a spot that i try to keep clean at all times so i can sit down somewhere for a breathe of fresh air...
The sun shines in the window so beautifully.
And this is where i like to sit to journal,drink coffee, have devotions, etc. 
It has also been used to escape. 
When hubby was home and able watch after the kiddos one day.. i actually locked myself in my room and sat here to eat my lunch (in peace).

What do you need to create one?
Apparently not much, as you can see.
If you don't have a little get away spot, i feel sorry for you and i think you should find a place (in your home) for one.

Little brother eats big brother's homework.
These things do happen in real life.

 Pizza night at our house. 
Perfect idea for the picky, picky eaters. 
Let them create their own pizza! 
Then there is no complaining, cuz they made it themselves.

My little sister's birthday is today. And i wish i could be there to celebrate with her! She is the most awesome little sister.. and a wonderful Aunt.....

I got our Christmas pictures taken the other week.. and then this week got the Christmas Cards made and ordered! A good feeling indeed... Now to have them arrive and hopefully be OK and then to address them. I'm kinda dreading the whole addressing envelopes this year,,, mainly because the daughter or son of the household got a hold of my address book tablet and there are many missing pages...
Here is a sneak peak of us..

I hope you a have a wonderful weekend!!!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

The one where the mud puddle gets discovered.

So you are sitting there saying. Or maybe just thinking.
She just uploaded 14 pictures of her kid in a mud puddle?!

Yes, yes, i did.
It's just that it was his first time to discover a mud puddle.
And i couldn't quit snapping.
And i thought surely there is a grandma, auntie or cousin out there you would enjoy this....

So here you go.
My documentation of my baby's first mud puddle experience.
With many, many more to come I'm sure.
Not that I'm going to document each one.
I meant, I'm sure he will be finding that mud puddle many more times!  

 And here is what i did. I gave strict orders. The older two were not aloud to step foot into the mud puddle. I told them they had experienced it enough times in their lives. And i wasn't in to cleaning up 3 kidders.
(Yes, sometimes i am a "mean" Mom) :)

 His delighted look!
 Splash, splash!
 It's all fun and games till you start tasting mud.

 So much fun!!! (he really was in his glory!)
 "Actually mom, mud doesn't taste too bad after all"


The party for the girl (princess style)...

I have this little girl.
Whom is tons of fun. 

She love anything princessy.
Loves dolls. 
Loves anything pink. 
Loves to talk about what she will wear, what others wore, etc., etc.
Loves to color, draw, etc. 
Is a candy lover.

She told me just today. 
"Mom, on my date with daddy, that lady was like- I like your headband, and i was like- thank-you" All said with a big grin, of course.

Yup, compliments go a good long way with her. She thrives on them.
In other words. 
She's ALL GIRL :) 

So i knew all year it was my daughters birthday, but somehow it still snuck right up there on me! The week of the party i almost freaked out! What will i make for a cake, i thought?
So i chose a princess cake. I've seen it millions of times.. and was so glad i chose it! Why? Because it was easy. ( i like easy). And because it impressed the four year old who adores princessy things. :)

 She had two of her girl cousins there that night, who seemed to like the whole princess theme thing just fine. :)

 The blowing out of the candles. She was so impressed with how well she blew them out.For several days after she kept telling me how much air she has in her mouth!

The opening of the gifts. The big brother made sure he stood by to help out when needed. :)

 She was delighted with each and every one.
 The day of her birthday we celebrated by going to the bakery for breakfast.. 
And having her birthday supper.. she picked
That goooood meat called ham.
Mashed potatoes and corn. 
Then she got to open her birthday gift from us.
 "It's an American doll, an American doll!" She kept saying. 
And, yes, if she wants to think her Target brand (Our Heritage) doll is an American Girl doll, then we are going to let her think that.:)

Showing us her age and posing with her new doll

 Getting to blow out some more candles.. :)

And then she also got to go on her long awaited date with her daddy. 
There was much talk about this..
And there still is. :)
Just today she said out of the blue. 
"My date was soooo much fun, mom"


So thankful God blessed us with this sweet little girl 4 years ago. 
She brought all things girl into this household and its so much fun!