Thursday, October 17, 2013

The trip to Canada!

So our little family braved the 28 hr trek to the beautiful land of Dryden, Ontario.

It was a fun time had by all.
My sister and her family currently live there
And also a cousin..
We don't get to be together times to together are precious...
And fly by way too fast!

While were there my grandparents and aunt came..
then my parents and my lil brother and sister.
So it was like a little family reunion going on!:)

Fun fall leaves..
With the cousins??
What could BE more fun...

 He may not have acted like it.. but deep down inside i think he like being doted on :)
Before we left for Canada i couldn't help but buy this Moose shirt...
We were hoping to see a real moose while there, but did not.

Lollipops from the Secretary. 

The beautiful lake.
Carter wanted to live out there and fish. 

 My grandparents with Carter and Cousin Kylie.
 Riding on the golf cart..

My sweet sister and her daughter..
Cousins and friends.. (so cute)

 Some cute grampa time.. :)

Getting a ride from uncle Justin! 
 Everyone piling on top of Grampa..
 The fishermen bringing home their catch of the day.
 Me with my niece and daughter..
 And with my niece Kristin.
She was a baby at our wedding.. Can't believe how grown up she has become!!
 He hadn't seen Aunt Trina since he was 10 weeks old..
But he soon figured out she would hold him and spoil him!:)
 My cousin Mindy also lives up there we hung out with her too!!
My brother and and cousin Mindy playing a game..

 Since I'm not a huge game person, i give "soothing" back rubs and take pics while others play.. :)
Yes, apparently my back rubs are "to die for"..
That is, if you can handle the pain that my strong fingers give.

 I wish i had her at my house to help me out!! :)

 The sisters!!

The mother and her daughters.. and a lil granddaughter that joined in..

And here is a parting shot of our whole family...
I love each one of them!

:) - bye for now

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