Friday, August 30, 2013

Just Chillin' for a Moment..

In THIS life..
Not when our kids are grown
etc, etc.

Sometimes we need to sit down
with a cup of iced or hot coffee
and prop our feet up and just chill.

Sometimes we need to just sit there
even when our house is really dirty. 

We need to sit still and blog.

So I'm surviving this having a child at school thing.
And I'm loving it!
For real!
The scheduled life is awesome.
But it also leaves me tremendously exhausted at the end of the day.

The days just fly by.

Well baby is over 10 months now.
He is at the
"Cling to mama" stage
And if he is not clinging then
it's the
"Make the biggest mess that you can" stage..

And he is just soo stinkin' cute these days too.
Of course the cuteness factor went WAY up when he started
finally sleeping through the night soon after 9 months.

This mommy can now think clearer again as well.
Which is good for all, of course! 

His big sister would love to be his number 1 mama, but since i don't allow she settles for  his second.

Yeah, and i forgot to mention-
He is not always cool with that.

What is it with dishwashers and babies?

Well the iced coffee is all gone and the scheduled life needs to continue.
Up and at it i go again...
Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The first day of first grade

 Well, we've come quite a long ways from one year ago.
Alot of growing and learning..
It all started with the "I, I, Indian"...

I had fun teaching him last year, i really did.
And if i could just be a teacher and not a teacher,housekeeper and mom,, i think i could handle homeschooling even better.. :)
Let's just say in homeschooling, i gained a whole new respect for homeschooling moms!

Our church school has 1st grade through 12..
So today Carter began his first day of first grade.

It's like we are starting a new chapter in our lives.
The one where you have to be responsible.. taking your child to school AND picking him up again..
I'm just curious how many times in my children's lives that i will forget them at school??
Only time will tell.. !:)

Pictures from this morning...
 To say he was excited is an understatement...

Posing with all of the siblings...
Little brother wasn't too impressed.
It appears as though he is not thrilled about his brother leaving one little bit.
In all reality, i think he was just wanting to be crawling or clinging to his mama instead.. :)

At school..
He has got the sweetest teacher around!

This is the first grade class minus one that wasn't there right then..
So cute..

Here we go...
It's really weird to think that
We have entered this era..
And now we are going to be in it for a very long time!!

Oh i know..
millions have done this before us.
But now it's US
and it just seems weird..

Pretty soon it'll all be old hat, i know.

I guess for me, i just feel old(er).
Driving a MINI van and
dropping my child off at school.
Old, i tell ya.

Quote from hubby last night after a PTA meeting..
"It feels like we are part of a new club now"

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Summer randomness...

Just a little of what we did this summer 
(in pictures)...

Picked blueberries and made blueberry muffins...

 Ate blueberry muffins...

Raided the fridge whenever possible...

 Wrote thank you notes for some birthday presents...

Visited The Little Bake Shoppe... 
(If it were up to Carter.. We would eat there everyday.. :) )

 (Brooklyn's picture adorns the wall there.... )

 Baked, cooked and created in the play kitchen...
 Smiled ever so cutely...
 Saved up birthday $$$ and Spent it on some awesome toys....

(All ready for some nerf fun!!)
 Created blueberry masterpieces...
 Did awesome sliding in the sand...
 Relaxed in the lake water...
 Totally chilled in the stroller while watching brother and sister do the above...
And that's all for now folks!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Eight years and counting...

Hello there friends..
Whew! we just came through one of *those* weeks.
Which includes a week in which you do not want to repeat anytime soon..
And also makes me aware that life could be oh so much worse.
So I'm not wanting to complain.
Really am thankful for my life here.. :)

but it's just been a

fever for all,
puke on the carpet,
fire ants in your pants (twice for the hubby!!),
mouse in the house,
sleepless nights,
kinda week. 

It's also been a week of

celebrating 8 wonderful years together as a married couple, 
going on a date,
visit to the lake,
donuts from a friend,
Chocolate from hubby,
pizza crust from sister for supper,
lunch date with a friend,
oldest 2 being babysat so i could sleeeeeeeeeeeep away my fever.. 

Come to think of it.. 
the good is outweighing the bad here.. :)

So Eight years.

For real!?
It doesn't seem that long at all.
On the other hand i also feel like I'm older and wiser then i was way back then..
I must say the longer you are married, the more fun it is...
SO here is to so many more years together!!!!

Eighth Anniversary Date..
Thinking that some good ole Lattes from DD would help wake us up...

Here is a sweet little song by JJ Heller..
I like sweet little songs.
I'd like to think that if I'd sing
Or write songs.
That i might have wrote it myself.
Love my man.
Love being Married.
Love living this life with him by my side.