Sunday, July 28, 2013

The annual corn on the cob...

Hey there.
I just know you have been peeking on here from time to time.
Saying to your self.
"Come on!
Corn season is practically over with and
she still hasn't posted any of
those annual
adorable pics of
her kids
eating corn!!! "

You stopped by today and

"Finally!!", you say.


Ok, so, yes it is tradition to grab the camera and snap away when my kiddos eat their first corn of the year.

Check here for last year's take on it.

This year we added the baby to the mix.

He loved it!!
Kinda like a great big wonderful teething toy that gives you a good taste..

Who doesn't love some good ole corn on the cob?
There is nothing quite like it.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

The weekend she had company...

There is nothing quite like getting company. 
Down south here, we absolutely love when people stop in.
Or at least i sure do!! :)

And for a sales pitch. 
We have all kinds of fun things to do when you come... 
Stay tuned for the next few pictures that'll show you! 

Last weekend my aunt and cousin made the trip south. 
They came on a Thursday and said they were leaving Monday. 
Well, turns out i convinced them to stay another day.
We just weren't ready for the fun to end!

While here we left the boys behind and headed to Charleston, SC. 
One of the sweetest places on earth, really.
I keep going back there. 
And have yet to get tired of it!

We hit up the beach first thing...

(she is turning into quite the beach lover)

We shopped at the wonderful Tanger outlet malls...

 We walked around down town Charleston and acted very touristy and went on a good ole fashioned Carriage ride..
We stayed out late that night...walking the streets..eating gelato.. and sitting there soaking up the cool breezes at waterfront park.
It made us feel young and the little girl along felt very grown up! :)

{someone please tell that lady her scarf is all scary looking)

 Posing outside our motel

 Our last time at the beach was going along quite smoothly. Until a dark rain cloud came along.. We packed up our stuff and headed off the beach.
Not soon enough though.. it poured on us and we got drenched.
But i guess you have to make memories somehow..
The vehicle was full of wet, sandy girls.
And we still had to drive 2 1/2 hours home.

 On the way home we stopped to pick some green beans and tomatoes at my in laws garden.
 Then we stopped and got some pizza for us and the hungry boys waiting on us at home.
To say the least our little car was trashed and full to the brim!!

On Monday we went to the cutest little town and visited some junk shops and ate at the most adorable little restaurant...

 (i think they felt lost!!)

(Posing with all the stuff!!)

(He thought this was sooo awesome)

Hanging out on a train..
Eating at Juniper..


It was a fun, memory filled weekend!
I'm so glad they took the time out of their schedule to come hang out with us!
We had so much fun having company again.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Picture and Poem retake..

Well, Baby has hit the 9 month mark.
I do declare the first nine months fly fast!
Definitely waaaayyy faster then the nine months you carry the baby in utero!!

 {Me last year}

Whew, times were tough these past nine months with baby waking up in night and
then on some days him permanently attached to my hip..

But none of this compares to the misery of carrying him around straight for nine months.

So yes, i thought it was high time for a retake of the above picture....
And a new poem to go with it...

Hey! Look! The mirror is cleaner!


Happy nine month birthday Jamison!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

When the days get hot...

So when it's hot.
The cut a knife through the mugginess hot...
What do you do with your kiddos?

Yes, you can send them to the pool.
But at a young age, Momma needs to be near by..
And this momma doesn't have time for that all the time.

You can also let them run through a sprinkler.
Which works great for our first born.
But the second born.. AKA daughter in our  household.. also known as
"Little Miss scared of everything and anything"
Well, she doesn't appreciate the whole "water flying on me" aspect to that..

So the other day.. or was it week?
(this summer is flying by rather too swiftly in my opinion!!)
I demanded they go outside, never to return!
(at least for an hour!)

I would like to say my two are outside chums, but they aren't.
The big brother would live out there if someone would join him..
And little Miss.. is a priss.. :) And doesn't like to join on most occasions..:)

So yes, i mentioned they could do a car wash with their riding toys..
And to my amazement.
It was fun for both.
They lasted at this a good while.

{ No editing.. it was as hot and hazy as it looks... :)}

Come to think of it....
Today would be a good day to have another "car wash"!!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Birthday Party and Such

How can this be true?
I have a six year old already?
Apparently so..

Oh don't worry this should be easy for me..
He was highly anticipating this milestone in his life!
We've been counting down since a long time ago.
Probably a good half of the year.
But at the same time..
When the day actually got here..
It was slightly hard to fathom!

So the day finally arrived.
We spent the first part of the day celebrating with the small things..

A fancy pancake for breakfast...

Then a mid morning Iced Coffee break...

That evening we went out to eat and mini golfing.

Followed by a round of hitting balls at the batting cages...

Carter is starting to comprehend more and more as he gets older.. how his daddy and him share the same birthday.
It is beginning to get fun for him.
He loved to tell Curtis Happy Birthday through out the day with a big grin.

For his party this year we went with an airplane birthday theme.

Carter wanted to use his daddy's toy from when he was a little boy- an aircraft carrier and jets- to go on the cake.
"And i want two jets crashing into the water, mom"
So, yes, don't look too closely, but there are 2 jets crashing into the water.
(no lives were lost)

Water cakes are one of the easiest to make/decorate.
So even while having two kiddos trying to help and baby screaming his head off.. i was able to survive.
Didn't even need any high blood pressure meds (for the cake decorator--aka Mama). ;)
So, yes, easy indeed.
Carter told Curtis--
"Mom did good work.. just like Cake Boss!"
Thankfully it doesn't take much to please a 6 yr old! :)

Pinterest was used.. :)

"Times flies".. and pictures of days gone by..

Opening gifts..

Cousin Kendall entertaining Jamison..

Preparing for the airplane throwing contest!
Make a plane
Throw it..
Whoever's goes the farthest wins a prize...

Calvin: I can make airplanes better then anyone, see?!
Harley: Yeah, right! I might be slower, but you just wait and see!!
Janice: What are we making again??

 Ready, set, FLY!

The evening ended with the nephews having some sparkler fun!

How thankful i am to have these two guys in my life...
How blessed i am to call them mine!