Friday, June 28, 2013

The dining room before and after {real life redo!}

Sometimes the before and the after pictures of a redo are a long time coming. 
Let's just say this room took us forever. 
It was a very boring room. 
I was putting nothing in it decor wise or even curtain wise.. because i wanted to redo it someday :)

{the room the night we had closing}

Anyhow, but a lil over a year ago my friend told me she would help me paint the dining room. 
Ok, so I was fairly large and pregnant and had no desire whatsoever to tackle a job like this.
But the floor was carpet and needing to NOT BE carpet very, very soon... 
Carpet in dining room is not cool. 
Anyhow, so we were like it really should get painted before the floor gets put in.. 

{our redneck looking Christmas meal we had one year}

So yes, one Saturday afternoon we painted the top part Barn Door Red. 
Then we waited. Give or take a few months later.. and the bead board got put up by our trusty trim guy- Brother in law Calvin. Another month or 2 more or less.. and the flooring got put in, by my hubby's cousin. 
Soon after this there was the baby that came along. 
Seriously during this time i was in the not care mood.
Whatever happened was fine.
Whenever it happened was fine. 
Eventually trim got put up around ceiling by trim guy again.
Hubby installed the floor trim.
And last but not least the hand rail trim was done by BIL.. 

{Last year's birthday party-- one year ago exactly!}

And then there was the caulking done by hubby. 
The painting, touching up, etc. 
The curtains were found on clearance from Target (of course :)) and hung somewhere in there too. 
So here we are about 5 months later give or take a month or two. :)
And last week i came across a big fork sign thing (clearance at Hobby Lobby this time!) to hang on my wall. 
Last night it was hung by the wonderful hanging guy.. aka Hubby.

{Christmas 2012- Mostly done,, just waiting on the trim around chair rail}

And finally (yes one year later) I can say i think we are done with the room. :)

{As of today-- as good as it will be for now! Still some issues we need to deal with, with the window trim and.. Maybe a new light fixture someday??}

It amazes me really how much better it looks. 
And can we say it is quite l.o.v.e.l.y having a floor that wipes up easily!??!?!? 
I 'm not sure why, but the room suddenly seems bigger.. 

 Hope you have a great weekend!! 
It's party time at our house! 
Curtis and Carter have their birthdays today!! 
More on that later..


  1. Its great to know someone else shares late June birthdays. But so far I have found only guys that share the late June dates. We have friends at church that his birthday is the 27th. Mine is the 29th. Wish I could find a girl to share the day. Oh well, the birthdays still come and goe. Often its to busy a time of year around here to celebrate mine, as you know how farm life can be. Lois

  2. Beautiful! Red is a favorite of mine. We have been doing some painting around here to. It really does revive a room. Happy Birthday to the guys.


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