Sunday, March 31, 2013


Just keeping it real on this
Easter Sunday. 


Can we just say that sister was not into the picture taking?!
I just have to laugh at the baby..

It must be tough being the third
Mommy forgets to change diaper..
He is forced to wear socks that make his feet look 3 sizes bigger..
Then to top it all off he is held and squished by older siblings..

And, yeah, due to a fitful night of sleep for the big brother (first sleepover) and and early sunrise service he was too tired to care! :)

 Really tho.
What mom tries to take pictures of her
filled to the top diaper (on baby)

Apparently this mom.
Daddy's been gone all weekend.
Visiting relatives way up north.
We were glad that he could go.
But have been missing him since,
Well, the moment we dropped him off at the airport.

And this would be my ultimate favorite quote this Easter weekend-
“I asked Jesus, ‘How much do you love me?’ And Jesus said, ‘This much.’ Then He stretched out His arms and died.”
- Unknown
And of course 
this song
is super exciting!
It is a favorite to our oldest. :)


Have a great day!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

It has been awhile. 
The month of March looked long. 
But flew by so very, very fast. 

This above picture/quote just seems to fit me to a tee lately. 

Anyone else feel this way? 
Like ever? 

Lately, it's not unusual for me to find a blog post that's labeled something to this effect-
101 Ways to Stay Sane As a Mom
And to latch on to that and read it for all its worth.

Well, yeah, last month i did do a little bit more then mentioned in the above quote...

I did spend part of my month pricing 184 items of kids clothes to sell at a local pass it on consignment sale.

I scrap booked and scrap booked to make sure my bought groupon wouldn't expire.

I kept dishes loaded and unloaded.

I fed baby.

I held baby.

I helped with puzzles. 

I also helped keep a flower alive,, so we could watch it grow!

I enjoyed the company we had.
Jamison getting loved on by his Mammy!

Uncle Justin putting Jamison to sleep without even trying! -wow!
 Boggle with the family...
I'm just glad no one was using the rest room at time of picture.. :)

And i did alot more stuff too. 
That is just the stuff i took pictures of. 

More posts to follow someday soon..

Oh and
Baby is starting to eat Rice cereal.
Very first taste of Rice Cereal...

Thanks to big sister,,,
He actually gets fed. 
Mommy is good at forgetting. 
And big sister sees to it that he gets it each day! :)

Have a good rest of your day! 

Thursday, March 7, 2013

The gift that keeps on giving..

He(my husband) knows just what I need..
Or (in this case)I should say what I want.


So for Valentine's Day he purchased this Espresso maker for me.
Way cooler then roses that would be long gone by now..

It's been quite grand whipping up some yummy drinks..
And having a little coffee date after the kiddos are tucked into their beds.
Actually we kinda started this little tradition.
I make the drinks.
And he whips up some wonderful popcorn.
And we have a mini date night.
My favorite date night drink:
Use however much of each to suit your tastes.
:Espresso (strong coffee)
:Steamed and/or frothed milk
:Brown sugar as a sweetener or a *Homemade Vanilla Syrup Recipe.
poured into a cup and topped with 
:spray cream 
and drizzled with 
:chocolate syrup...
Then for pretty you 
:sprinkle Raw sugar on it...

And then other times it's quite lovely, when
after awakening in the morning.
And feeling what it must feel like to have a hangover.
Not from drinking, of course.
But from just awakening in the night a l.i.t.t.l.e. bit too much.
From none other then my precious 3 littles whom have been having the case of the coughs and such.
To wake up and make some good strong shots of espresso.
Add a little bit of cream.
And sip away.
No sugar.
Just a strong dose of "wake up" drink.

 *Homemade Vanilla syrup
1 cup water
1cup sugar (i use half brown half white)
1 Tlbs. Vanilla
Boil it a good while(till sugar is dissolved and all that).
Then add vanilla.
Pour into a cute little syrup dispenser if you have.
And then remember to refrigerate it in between using or it will spoil!
Not that I would know, of course.

Now if you are feeling the blues about wanting the drinks, but not having the maker.. It is possible to whip up a drink "from scratch".. I wrote about it here.

Happy coffee drinking to you and yours!