Monday, February 25, 2013

Just a peak into what Jamison is up to..

Just in case you were wondering what the little man is up to by now.

He is 4 1/2 months.

Weighing in at a whopping almost 16 pounds.
He's not roly poly.
But he is a solid dude.
And he is long.
I think he is going to be tall(er) like his daddy.
Not short(er) like his mommy.

He rolls over from his back to his belly the instant you lay him down.
There he chills. While watching big brother and sister.

 Chewing on hands and drooling is something that is the "in thing" right now too.

We recently got him a new "toy".
The Bumbo seat.
There he hangs out while watching mommy wash dishes or whatever else is moving nearby.

Still so in love with my baby,, 

Good night.

Friday, February 15, 2013

A story of a Valentine's Meal...

There once was a little family
They had a little party.

It was for a day called

They decided that Starbucks Iced Mocha's are now the new Sparkling Grape juice.
There is nothing that says love more then a coffee drink they say.

They drank out of goblets and ate from china.
The children acted grown up and the parents did too.
The baby slept peacefully in his crib, not having a clue what he was missing.

For dessert they enjoyed a chocolate fondue.
"Who needs The Melting Pot?" they said.

It was quite the fun experience for the young and the old(er).

They posed before.

Their mom took pictures of them during.

And then there was the aftermath.

It was a fun evening for them.
And they all fell asleep (after the caffeine/starbucks drink wore off)
more in love then ever before.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Not what I pictured....

I am far from being a photographer.
But i do love having pictures to look back at.
My whole little family could spend hours looking at pictures from the past.
 So i snap away quite often with my Cannon Camera.

You know how when sometimes you are taking a picture.
And you have a specific way in your head that it'll turn out.
The object you are about to photograph is oh so cute.
You snap the picture.
But you just don't get the look you were going for.

Well that has happened to me plenty of times.
And here are a few that are post worthy.

They gave me a good laugh.

Here is what we were going for back when he was just a few days old-

" The World's Cutest Little Brother" look

After all he was wearing a shirt that said just that.

Here is what we got .

Oh my.
Take two did turn out better tho..

Just last week i was looking down at my adorable little munchkin laying on an adorable (from Target, but sadly not Target clearance) Blanket..

And i was like oh, I've got to take a picture of this.
And i will label it-

"Every cute baby deserves a cute blanket"
Or "Every Cute blanket deserves a cute baby"
Either one i thought fit so well. 
So i snapped a picture and this is what i got.
He made up for it on take two--
Happy Sunday afternoon to you and yours!

Monday, February 4, 2013

As random as you will ever get..

Hey, i like blogging
I really, truly do.
Time hasn't allowed much of it lately.
 But i do blog plenty in my head.
Seriously, you might be thinking-
"Lady, you need to get out more"
But when I'm sitting rocking my baby.. or doing some for mundane task.
Or lets say feeding my "naughty get up too much in the night" baby..
To stay awake or to keep the time more interesting i blog posts in my head.
They are pretty interesting.
Wish you could read them.

Then the time comes when i can blog.
Or no! Wait. it doesn't really ever come, but when i finally decide to..
I can't always remember those interesting blogs that i blogged at 2 AM.

Oh, well.

And on a side note.
In case you haven't met me in real life yet.
I'm fairly normal.
Just in case you were wondering. 

I saw this not long ago and thought it fit me so well-

Of course i don't have the scrawny legs.
But that would be me when I'm busy trying to work my way back up to where i left off before being pg.
Running away in the midst of piles of laundry and
i have a little girl that  hangs off the treadmill while I'm running.
Keeps it interesting i suppose.

My mom. She was here last week. And it was great. Nothing like having a mom around to play with the kiddos, be an art teacher, hold baby..
She likes it, i like it, they like it. It's great for everyone.
 Well, except for my poor father who has to be alone for the week.. but he survives.

We did some comfort knotting.
Mom made a comfort using material from their attic.
It's fun reminiscing over the fabrics.
I wore alot of these when hubby and I were dating.

She was also the art teacher for the week.
I need to do more stuff like this with them.
Sometimes its just easier for grandma to take the time to do stuff like this though.

Sunday morning for devotions there was a question asked. "Where do you go or what do you do to relax/chill/de-stress. What takes you to your happy place?"
And people were to call it out.
I could only think of 2 things.
First i wanted to yell "SLEEEEEP!"
Because to me sleeping is grand these days.
But i didn't.
Then i wanted to beller out -
Because that is just like the coolest and most fun thing to do.
But i didn't.

Thankfully it ended and i didn't have to say anything. :)

Anyhow though Target clearance is sooo fun.
And i know I've said this before.
Sorry if you are tired of hearing about it.

And remember i don't get out much, so just going away is kinda cool.
And then if you combine going away and Target then WOW!
OK I'll hush.
Got some bowls there the other day.
Specially since our bowl selection was so scarce and hubby and i were resorting to eating from kiddie bowls.

 "Hey, honey do you want  the purple, green, blue or an orange bowl for your soup?"
Let's just say honey(my hubby) was just as excited as me, if not more, that i got some new bowls.

Well, it is Monday morning and there is plenty to be done around this place.
So off i run.
Good week to all!