Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Baby is 3 months old!

Whew- time flies when you are having fun!

Baby is 3 months now!

It of course isn't fair how you spend 9 months in misery and then experience the whole wonderful birth experience.. which for some is extremely drawn out and painful.

And then like
They are aloud to just grow up sooo fast!
He is just getting to be so much fun.

I did my traditional "try to take 3 month pics of my kiddos" pictures.

Not sure why they always end up having no clothes on.
Except for the fact that my babies always get so happy when i take off their clothes and then i must grab the camera and try the "photo session" right then.
Three month olds can smile,but you have a small window where they aren't a) tired or b)hungry

Here is a flashback

Carter 3 Months                                         

Brooklyn at 3 months (if nothing else, she at least was wearing a hair bow! ) :)

And here is Little Mr. Jamison

3 months
He is my first 3 month old that smiled for his 3 month pictures.

 His big brother and sister adore him.

And i love how the 2 brothers are already bonding.

Are you a Super Mom?

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to be Super Mom?

Some mornings

After i -
get two kiddos their cereal and juice
feed a baby
teach a kindergartner
do 7 loads of laundry
settle um teen fights between siblings
rock a baby to sleep
change the baby's diaper
wipe a toddler's bottom
help a child fix a toy
pay some bills
clean up
clean up some more
write my store list for the week

And i think to myself.
This is it
This is what it must be like to be a Super Mom!

 Well, OK i don't really know what the proper definition really is for Super Mom.
Actually i googled it and i don't care for that definition.
Because i think that ANY mom that is trying their very best is a true Super Mom.
My definition is this-

: A mom who loves her children and keeps them fed, dressed and alive. A mom who keeps her sanity (mostly) while completing the many tasks around the home. 

Hey, I'm not going to lie. It can get crazy around here some days. And staying home is the best option for me right now in order to get all of the above done.  Some days it feels like i don't see much outside these house walls.

But this is my time and place for now.

And i love it i really do.

I'm not perfect.

You should have seen me hollering at my kids a little bit ago.
I'm cooled down now though and back to being  Super Mom again.
You all have a great week!

And remember-

 “There is no way to be a perfect mother, and a million ways to be a good one” - Jill Churchill

Friday, January 4, 2013


While visiting my home state of Pa for Christmas last week we got to experience snow.
Boy, were we Southerners delighted.
And not only did we get to experience it once
We also got to see it twice
and then much to our greatest delight- thrice!!

We were happy!
The Canadians were not overly impressed..
But they got excited because it made us so excited. :)

So we sledded.
That was a first time sledding for my two.
And years since i've been out on a sled myself. 

And also there was the snow ice cream that was enjoyed..

 I just loved looking out at the overall beauty of it all::)

Of course i had my share of wet socks from stepping in a melted snow puddle..
And nearly froze when entering the outside world, due to lack of clothing in the snow clothing department.

And when it came to driving in the stuff i was more then happy to hand the keys over to my sister. We entered the mall the one day and 2 hours later came out to snow everywhere:)

Enjoying the Chocolate Snow Ice Cream...

Sledding was great fun.. 
I loved to watch my kids expressions when going down the hill..

 The view from the window..  :)
It was simply delightful!