Friday, November 30, 2012

My third..

[*pictures taken at 8 days old]

Not sure how it happened so fast. 
But you are here now for 7 weeks already! 
Wow! In some ways it feels like you have always been here
And other times it feels like you were just born..
I love the way you snuggle up to sleep..
And the way you already love to watch your older siblings or your daddy and i. 
You have the cutest little blue eyes and i wonder if they will stay blue or not.

Starting out at nine pounds gave you a good head start and you are well over 13 pounds by now.
Talk about getting mommy ready for lifting weights someday! 

Your big  brother and sister adore you.
Even when they are doing things to try to scare you..
Or scrubbing out your clogged eye duct with a cold wet wash cloth. 
I give you permission to get back at them some day. 

And lets just say, the smiles you give are definitely contagious!! 

You are my third
The one i prayed to God for
and hoped for.
He made me wait a little bit longer then i hoped.
But then one day i took that positive pregnancy test.
That was one of the best days.

All good things come in their own time. 
You are here now. 
And there is not a day that goes by that i don't thank God for you! 
Your mommy

*Picture copy rights belong to Heidi at Heidi Mast Photography

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Keep Calm And Decorate On

 Last Friday I declared the day-
"Decorating for Christmas and baking some Christmas Cookies Day"

Lets just say there was excitement on the children's behalf! 

I was excited too
I had in my head the way the day would play out.
It would indeed be a cozy day of me decorating and baking a few cookies.

Then i thought realistically and thought to myself how it really could go-
Baby could be a  fussy on that day.
A little boy and girl could be pumped about doing their own type of decorating.
Then everyone could be in the kitchen mixin' and bakin' and making a gigantic mess..

And i yeah, i can kinda all of a sudden lose all sense of calmness at that point.. 
Carter's additition to the tree..

So i purposed in my heart to-
Have a fun day
Let the kids help out, because this is when their "warm fuzzy feelings of Christmas" are beginning..
And to 
Whilst doing it.

Did i hold true.. 
For the most part i believe..:) 

Ok i admit i might have sort of freaked out when i looked up and saw my living room floor looking like this..
You would have freaked too, trust me.

Carter setting up the manger scene.. while Jamison watches..
I always love how the snowmen and everyone gather real close to Baby Jesus... :)

Unwrapping the Hershey Kisses for the peanut blossoms.. 
This was a great job for them and kept them busy while i mixed up the dough.. :)

 Brooklyn enjoying the ride down the road to gather pine cones and greenery..

 This Christmas i hope to remember to make memories that my children will look back on with warm fuzzy feelings.. 

Have a great one and remember to-

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A young mother's new version of clean...

Sitting here sipping on a peppermint hot chocolate. 
Which consists of 
1. Hot chocolate
2. With peppermint marshmallows on top
And I'm just...
Enjoying the new version of my clean house.. 

Which I've decided is just going to be a messy house.. 

Coming to the Wengerd's
(well it already has come)
The new version of clean:
Drum roll please..

It just feels like a losing battle these days.. so i thought if i just be ok with it then maybe it wont seem too bad to me and maybe the house will stay cleaner.. 

Weird thinking i know. 

We have a small place.. which can turn from clean to messy in zero point two seconds. Or something like that. 

And between 
feeding baby
changing diapers
Being a teacher to the eldest
Calming the drama that my 3 yr old has, well a little too much
Keeping laundry at bay
And well you know, just being a mom and stuff
It's actually kinda hard to keep after this thing called a tidy home.

But i do want to be thankful for a messy house, cuz it does mean that i have-
1. a house
2. kids that mess it up
3. stuff

But according to this quote i don't want to be too thankful for a messy house.. :)

"Be Thankful
For what you have,
You'll end up
Having more."
If you concentrate on what you don't have,
 you will never even have enough"


Oh Anyhow,
Guess I'd better finish this hot chocolate and get to cleaning up.. 
Because we don't want "Messy"
To turn into "Disaster Zone"


p.s Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours tomorrow!!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thankful for my church...

Care if i brag on my church a little? 

It's a great, wonderful church filled with delightful and friendly people. 

People who care about you and and make sure you are well fed and all that..

There was the friend that brought a meal in the week before Jamison was born.
Then the ones who signed up for the 7 meals after baby... 
The one who gave 5 loaves of sourdough bread.. 
And the ones who said.. "Hey i didn't get to sign up and want to bring you a meal once your meals are done coming in"..

Spoiled i tell ya.. that's what i am:)

And it's a wonderful reminder to me to return the favor someday soon to another young mother out there.

Our church is filled with lots of "young marrieds" with young kids.. so it's nice to have plenty of moms that are in the same shoes as me.. 

So today I'm really thankful for my Church Family.... 

 We've even gotten all techy and have our very own website.. 

Check it out if you want to.

Monday, November 12, 2012

i'm getting older...

seven twenty

 That is my new age as of last week.. 

Well sorta.

I had a birthday and told my daughter that I'm now 27..

She remembered the number backwards and liked to tell people that I'm seven twenty.. 

I got a  cheery bouquet of Gerber daisy's from my family at home.. 

A skillet from my hubby and snickers.. (he knows i like practical things and chocolate:))

God blessed me with a rainy forcast so my hubby got to be home all day!! :) 
He planned for the 2 oldest to be babysat.. Brought in supper from The Little Bake Shoppe and picked up a movie to watch. It was the most layed back relaxing lazy day I've had in awhile..:)

I received some cards, texts, gifts, calls and facebook messages from friends and family.. 

How blessed i am to have such wonderful friends and family.. 

26 and all those other years, you were good to me.. 

But now I'm excited to see what 27 is gonna bring.. 
(hopefully not too many gray hairs!)

Friday, November 9, 2012

4 weeks today!


 He is 4 weeks today.. 

Time likes to fly after baby is born.. 

I'm thankful for:

An extremely healthy little guy..

He likes to eat and boy is he growing... 
(He is well over 11 lbs by now I'm going to guess)


I'm also thankful for:
 An extra fast recovery this time around.. 
The 3rd c section has been the easiest this far!
When attempting to do a little jog to the mailbox the other day, my incision said "no, I'm not ready for this yet".. 
but each day is seeing improvements and I'm feeling more and more like me..
 If i can remember what me feels like..

Being a mom to a baby is so much fun again! :)
Sure my new smell of perfume is well... the smell of spit up! :0
And my new method of sleep is a couple of hrs here and then there adding up to 5 or 6 or so a night...
But I'm loving it, i really am! :) 
Proof that i wear spit up! 
A picture taken by the 5 yr old.. he was trying to take of my head and baby's head.. lol

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pajama Clad children...

A big brother who loves to be just that to his little brother...
He is protective.. 
Likes to be in charge of him..
And loves to spend time holding him and "reading" him books..

All 3 of them still in their jammies.. 
Hmm wonder what time of the day this was?.. 
Hopefully before 12 noon ;)
Looks like someone is trying to party on...

Totally blessed i am.
Being a mommy to these 3 is fun.. 
and keeps me stepping.. 

Monday, November 5, 2012

My little vacuum cleaner boy..

My vacuum cleaner boy

Twice this past week when i said
"Ok kids we are going to clean up the living room floor now"
Before i knew what was happening
my 5 yr old boy was whipping out the vacuum cleaner
plugging it in
and vacuuming away...
 My heart filled with pride.. 

And then i had to laugh when-
i tried to assist his way of vacuuming he hollered
"No MOM! Men do it different!!" 
How true, son, how true.

When he was done i praised him quite highly for his good deeds..
He smiled and said-
"Yeah i remember what you said before you had Jamison, Mom"

What a keeper my boy is..:)
He remembered me telling him that he may need to vacuum for me from time to time after baby cuz i wouldn't be able to (cuz of c section). 

I love clean vacuumed floors. 
And its kinda hard on oneself to not be able to do such things for a period of time.

So today one of the things I'm thankful for is a child who is willing to help out....  
(for the most part::))

Friday, November 2, 2012

The one where she has some thoughts on thankfulness...

* This being the month of November and all 
calls for a lot of blogs about 
...So here's to the start of a lot of blogs about things I'm thankful for....

I'm thankful for you, and the the almost 27 years i knew you...
 Not nearly everyone gets to know their great grandma for that long.. 
You inspire me to live a clutter free, simple life.. 
I sure wish i would have gotten your talents of sewing and crocheting and all your patience you had when it came to that and whole lot of other things.. 
I loved to see your eyes light up when you saw my children...
And it always tickled me how you remembered and worried about us when we were travelling to and from seeing you.. 
You were a prayer warrior.. And i want to be one too..

We knew you soon needed to go.
 You were getting miserable down here..
But it was still a little bit of a shock to hear that you were gone.
You didn't get to meet our little Jamison in person, but you saw him on a picture.. 
And you said.. "He's a chubby baby".. :)

Thank you God for Grandmam,, for the long life you gave her.. and that i got to be one of her great grandchildren... 

So travelling a 12 hr trip with a 2 week old wasn't on my to do list.. 
But i really wanted to go to the funeral, and i was feeling and healing good.. so we took off.. 
Travelling went really well (another thankful note!!)
And it was quite awesome seeing family again.. and having them meet Jamison for the first time... 

Great grandma Souder

Being held by Great Aunt Judy and loved on by cousin and a half Kelsey

Cuddle time with Mammy

snuggled up to pappy

The most awesome of all was seeing my sister (who currently lives in Canada doing mission work) again!!! We, of course, missed her family not being here with her, but enjoyed her nonetheless... 

Aunt Trina had fun giving him a bath...

While in PA we got to ride out the storm SANDY with my family.. 
everyone loves uncle Justin

Yup he is still a cutie pie:)
It was  fun sitting around with no electric.. Hanging out by the fire.. just chillin'...listening to the wind howling away... 

It also delayed my sister's flight.. and kept us right there in PA one more day... 
More time together. 

So there you have it.. 
My words of thankfulness for today. 
More coming later!!