Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sweet baby times..

 Big brother loves to sit and hold him for long periods at a time.. he can even multi task while doing it!!
 Big sister is delighted to hold him, but for shorter times.. And when she thinks he needs his nippy.. Watch out Jamison!! There is the prying open of the mouth and the stuffing in of the nippy.. :)
 Yes, I'm spoiled.. My mom and sister are still here helping out. :)
 The world's cutest little brother.. (or at least we think so..:))
 The outfit was from his aunt Heather!
 Tummy time :with daddy cheering him on...
 Big brother and sister like to make sure his stuffed giraffe is near him often...
 He is a snuggle bug.. Love this stage!!!
 Just a sleepin'
 Kisses from the giraffe...

 A small birthday party for grandma..

The little guy is a week and a half already!! Hard to believe..
It's going great so far.. 
Just a eating, peeing, pooping and sleeping .. (him, that is)...With a few wake times in between...

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The story...

The birth Story.

I don't have the most exciting birth stories to share. Like i didn't ever get the chance to deliver en route to hospital, etc, etc. .. 
But i do like to record the birth story of my babies (for memories sake and for anyone who enjoys reading such things)

We knew for one month prior to delivery the date our little munchkin was to be born. We knew the time to arrive to hospital and the time for expected c section. We didn't know however what exactly we were going to deliver.
A boy or a girl?

Friday Oct. 12 2012
6:45 Am : this time could not come fast enough in my opinion. That was time to leave for hospital. I believe we even left a little early cuz we were super ready to "get the show on the road"..

7:20 AM: arrive at hospital, park, get out, kiss each other as the daylight is beginning to peak through the darkness.. And said something like "Here we go... ".. Walking into hospital, i joke around that i should suddenly stop and act like I'm totally in labor and freak people out. I refrained tho. Riding up the elevator the person didn't even have to ask what floor we needed to go to. I think she said " I take it you are going to floor 2?"

7:30 AM: The "Victoria Secret" hospital gown gets put on, The IV gets put in, We enjoy talking with the nurse that also prepped me for Brooklyn's c section just 3 yrs ago! Drink some yucky alka seltzer stuff, sit around while fluid gets pumped into me. 

8:45 AM: They wheel me down to recovery room to finish pumping in fluids, prepping me, etc. We sit there and wait. Trying to stay calm.:) Curtis gets to prep himself. I've never seen him so happy and excited to climb into these clothes.. He was super pumped!!  

Just waiting.....

9:30 AM: expected c section time. But we are still sitting there cuz Dr Gallery hasn't showed up yet. The anesthesiologist comes in the and the nurse to go over what all will take place once entering the OR room. 

9:45AM: Dr. Gallery where are you????!!!!!

9:50 AM :Oh there you are.. He comes in and says "Ok lets get ya in there and cut you open and have this baby" 

And things happened fast after that... 

The nurses come in and say " Are you ready to go have a baby?" 
I say "Sure!!!!"

They wheel me in to a very cold OR room. Do the spinal,the catheter, give me oxygen, wipe my stomach off and put something on it,  yeah not really sure what all took place.. But before i know it, i have no feeling from my chest down and Curtis is coming in the room..

The third c section takes a little bit longer because he has to work his way through scar tissue... 

There is a little bit of pressure and they say we see the head.. 

And we hear some baby noises!!! 

Then there is a alot of pressure. 

Curtis said there is the Dr. pulling on  baby. And 2 nurses pushing with all their strength from the top of my stomach. All i remember is some pressure and lots of grunting on the Dr and nurses behalf .:)

10:17 AM The baby emerges!! 

Curtis can't tell right way... Then i hear him say "It's a boy!" It's Jamison!!" :)

And i hear a baby crying. The best sound ever. The hold him up over the curtain for me to see... 

Then he is quickly taken over to a table to be cleaned up a little and suctioned out , etc. 

They bring him over to me for a few short minutes. Then they head off to the nursery to be weighed and all that other good stuff. Curtis is with him over there. While I'm being put back together.
While i'm laying there they called from the nursery telling me the size of my little/big guy. (9 lbs 1 oz).. I also get the wonderful after birth shaking and it is quickly taken care of by the nice lady that could push buttons and pump anything quickly into my IV...
In the midst of all this Curtis was on the phone letting family in on our news!! 

11:00 AM: I'm in recovery. And for the first time with any of my babies(in recovery), I'm with it. Fully awake and holding and feeding my baby.

11:45 AM: I'm out of recovery, in my room.. Feeling decent. Only a little nauseated and itchy from the pain meds. Altho the rest of the day was a blur and i have to think hard to remember much of it.

4 PM: The big brother and sister got to meet Jamison. 

I stayed safely in my bed till the next morning at around 7. The first time getting up is always not the most fun experience. But i have to say the third time around was the easiest!! 

And that my friends was the story of my c section. 

Did i mention that I'd go through all that a thousand times over if i had to? 
In other words. 
This little baby is the sweetest thing. 
And we already can barely remember life before he was here.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

It's a boy!!!

Jamison Parker
9 lbs 1 oz
21 1/4 inches long

 10:17 in the morning

We are already head over heals in love with this little guy, of course. 
Thanking God for another little healthy baby...
Recovery is going extra good for me so far...
And we are extremely grateful for Grandma Smith's and Aunt Heather's help right now...:)

More later folks..

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

over and out...

This week is the big baby day!

Can i say that I'm ready to return to a new normal me?

Like yesterday..
I'm walking through the kitchen carrying a jar of applesauce in hand..
I reach out with my other hand to give my husband a little pat..
(just keeping the love alive people)
The instant my one hand pats him..
The same instant my other hands drops the applesauce jar and it falls splat to the ground..

Can we say one track mind?
 Not able to multi task?
That would be me lately!!

Or I'm carrying on  a conversation with a friend.. Or anybody really and all i can really think to talk about is pregnancy/baby. And trust me I'm sure not everyone wants to hear that all day long...

Or maybe you've noticed that's all i can blog about as well?

Then there's the wonderful comments i receive when going out in public..
People gasp for me!
Sigh for me!
Moan for me!

One dear lady even told me that i"should have stayed home"...
Followed by "Well, i guess you have your phone to call 911 for an emergency?"...

Then the most famous one I've heard far too many times that i can't even remember the amount...

"Are you SURE there isn't twins in there???!!"

Then i love to hear every one's personal opinion of whether or not we've got a girl or a boy in there..

Even the bagger boys at grocery stores give their opinion from time to time... 

I personally can NOT wait to hear what it is...

Then theres the times you actually forget (for a second) that you have a big belly.. 
Trying to squeeze thru a tight spot that normally was just fine. Whoops. Can't.

Walking up to your children and belly bopping them.. sending them a couple feet(more or less) away..

Or like the other day when pulling something out of the hot oven.. 
Open the oven. Pull out the baked oatmeal. 
Lean forward to put it on stove top... 
Retrieve belly from oven. 
Shut oven door
Cool it(belly) down with an ice cube... 
 Yes, that did happen,,, yes, i have a  burn mark to prove it! 

Oh, anyhow, so one last parting shot of me..

 I kept it little on purpose... :)

After taking the picture.. my 5 yr old says..
"Hey take a picture of our fat bellies mom!!"

Silly kids..

So long

I'll see ya on the other side
Labor and Delivery..........