Saturday, September 22, 2012

brownies, gold and (weird) pregnancy symptoms...

 Helping mommy make brownies is fun...
Wearing brother's sunglasses (upside down of course) makes the job much more enjoyable...

Adding in some silliness makes the brownies taste even better...
Ready to dive in.. Yum! She loves chocolate almost as much as her mommy does...:)

 You never know what one will accomplish in a day.. 
With a wild imagination the options are endless.. 

On this particular day he was panning for gold. 
And whatever treasures he found-- they were carefully placed in a treasure chest...
To bad there isn't for real gold in our sand outback:) 

Oh and then here is me and a little poem i wrote... 

With less then 3 weeks to go now 
We are kinda in survival mode over here.. 
Lots of sudden urges to clean 
Suddenly the queen bed is moved and other crazy things that pg ladies shouldn't be doing on their own..
But it couldn't wait another moment. 
And then i come crashing down and can't move for a couple of hours...
Then start over the next day. 

Not that i get a good night rest in between..
Sleep is few and far between. 
Lots and lots of awakening.. 
I wonder why?
Then hubby tells me i
I told him i like to think that it is a "lady like snore". 
And he says something like this-
"Nah, pretty sure you could beat the best of the Wengerd's" 
Apparently the Wengerd's are good at stuff like that.. 
And now i am too.
Which really isn't something to be proud of..
Just another weird pg symptom..
 And in case you were wondering..
My rash is pretty much history
And for that i am extremely grateful!!!

So next up on the agenda is deep cleaning the kitchen and maybe cleaning some mirrors perhaps??? ^

Good weekend to all
And happy day of rest tomorrow!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Fixin' to be cut... (humor)

Cesarean Sections definitely have their pros and cons
And I'm not planning on going into all of them today. 

One big plus to having a c section is this! 
When your 5 yr old says-
" Mom, how does a baby come out of your belly?" 

You don't have to stutter around, send him to his father, tell him that God made a special place, etc, etc, etc, etc... 

You can just say.. " Well the Dr. just cuts me open right here on my belly and they pull the baby out"

That makes perfectly good sense to a young child.

Since my due date is nearing.. 
And I'm fixin' to have my third c section in less then 5 weeks from now..
There has been more talk recently about the whole birth and all.. 

I explain to the five year old what all will take place..

"They will cut me open here..
Pull the baby out...
And then sew me back up"

He wonders if I'll be crying while they do it...

"No" i assure him i won't have have any pain at that time cuz they give me 'medicine'

He says 
"But, mom, what do they CUT ya with?... --



SWORD???? "

And i wasn't feeling too nervous up untill this point.. :)

Thursday, September 6, 2012


So i feel the need for another pregnancy update. 
Not that i love how i look, the way i feel etc, etc.. 
But i do realize that it's not every day in your life that you get to enjoy this thing called pregnancy..
And  so i do like to document it from time to time. 


Here is me 34 weeks along. 
We see the end..
Its getting closer to our sights.. 
Some days it freaks us out.. 
Other days we wonder if it'll ever come

I, along with my two munchkins in tow headed out to the local Dollar General to pick up some cleaning supplies . 
It's time for the fall/getting ready for baby cleaning to begin!!! 
So far i tackled the master bathroom. 

Then i got stricken with some for (can we say nasty!?!) rash!!! 
Ugh.. Not what anyone would ever wish on anyone. 

It kept spreading and spreading.. till it covered every inch of my body, except for my face. 
And it was itchy.. incredibly itchy.. 

It left the Dr kinda stumped.. 
And me wondering if the end of my life was somewhere very near!! :)

Part way through a prescription of Prednisone now and thankfully everything but my hands and feet aren't itchy anymore.. 
Almost 2 weeks of itching is plenty for me!!! 

Nevertheless God has blessed me with a great PG so far. 
We are so very thankful for this munchkin kicking and punching me endlessly.. 
And can't wait to meet him? or her?.