Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pickin' Peaches...

 My dad has a small peach orchard... 
So while in PA the kiddos got to help Grampa pick some peaches..

Can't let some fun go by with out a little bit of drama!

Best friends one minute and the next minute.. not so much:)
They had fun and Grandma and Grampa enjoyed watching the lil "helpers"

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Flowers for a wedding...

Flowers for a wedding...
I think i could get into doing that on the side. 

I just returned home from the good ole state of PA..
We had a great 10 days.. 
While there i assisted my mom with helping do the flowers for a wedding...

We did a total of 30 bouquets i believe...
Then we put together around 30 corsages/boutonnieres as well.. 

My mom did the hard part of planting/watering/weeding all summer long.. 
I got to come help with the fun part-
Cutting and arranging. 

Growing flowers is a hobby of my mom's and i must say she can grow some nice looking flowers!!! 

My sister Heather and a couple of my Dad's store workers cutting flowers early in the morning. 
I believe i was still in bed sleeping at this point :)

Me sitting and arranging.. And heather sweeping up my mess. :)
 It was a kitchen full of flowers.. 
For those with allergies there was much sneezing, nose stuffiness and itchy eyes when they stepped in the house.. :)

The flowery threesome.. 
My mom, sister Heather and me 
Or should i say the foursome?.. 
My mom, sister heather, Me and baby bump :)

 the maid of honor and bridesmaid bouquets...
 Making the corsages...

It was a fun time.. 
The bride and family were happy with everything so that made the work definitely worth it!!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Just some baby thoughts....

Baby Fever... 

I think i have it. 

Less then nine weeks to go..
And I'm ready. 
Ok so- 
ready as in ready to meet baby.

So not ready as
like for real ready. 
My to do list is longer then long.
Oh , whoops i didn't even write a to do list yet!!

Another drama filled girl?
Or energetic bouncing little boy?

Will he/she have brown eyes like big sister or blue eyes like big brother?

Wow, this is too much cuteness for one post!! 


# 3
You are already loved more then you'll ever know... 
And we can' t wait to meet you!!!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Kindergarten - Ready or not here we go!!!

When i was younger a couple of my biggest dreams were to  someday -
Be a teacher
Be a mom..

After i got married i had the opportunity to teach at our church/school down here and i really enjoyed it.. Hopefully someday after my littles are all grown up I'll get the chance to teach again...

And then as you already know i was extremely blessed when my dream came true over 5 yrs ago and i got to be  a mom..

Trying to take a picture, but being goofy is more fun then taking normal pictures... :)

That's better!! :)

The thing i never dreamed of doing, though was being a mom and teacher combined.
The thought scared me!
Its easier to teach someone elses kid i thought!!

Well anyhow at the same time i was sort of excited. 
The books have been ordered and delivered for a couple months already.
Last week Carter and I went on a School Shopping Date and got a couple needed school supplies.
Target and popcorn is the best:)

In toy dream land...

It didn't take long to find the school supplies.. and then on to look at the toys... he could spend hrs there if'i'd let him!!

And then thanks to a 3 hr gestational diabetes sugar test , i had some free time to look over the teacher's books.
And i got really excited!!!
This will be fun i thought!!
For the first time i actually got really excited to be the teacher and the mom at the same time..:)

No we weren't driving down the road here.. :)

Our church school teaches 1st-12.. so this will be the only year that he'll be home before i ship him off to school.

I want to enjoy this last year of him home and make it fun if at all possible:)

We starting school a little early due to a little baby arriving in Oct. 
That way we can take breaks when needed over that time..

We will both learn as we go i believe.. :)

First day of Kindergarten-

And little sister is going to be right there trying to learn with him!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Anniversary Get away...

If you've read my previous posts of times past...
Then you may or may not have read the ones where in we would go on  a vacation of sorts and i would give this little speech saying that YOU yourself should do the same
Little getaways with just your spouse are a must you know. 

Well, anyhow. 
I myself had to give myself the same speech when thinking of our anniv. getaway this year.. 
Well, it's not that i didn't want to go.. 
It's just, well, you have to bother someone to watch your little rascals (children)..
It takes money after all.. (husband totally shot down the "stay at home vacation idea":))
And did i mention that this summer has been Crazy (with a capitol "C")? And going away sounded like work? Trust me with this pregnancy anything can sound like work.. :)

Ahhh.. but we went.. and it was so super relaxing..So relaxing in fact.. 
That yup, you guessed it-
Getting out the camera and taking pictures..
sounded like work:)

I did snap a few... 
Charleston is the cutest city.. So much Character.. 
These were taken while riding on a carriage ride.. just at dark..

 Our carriage ride...

Highlights of our trip-
Yardsaling!!:) Getting up early when you have a weekend away isn't cool.. but the deals were worth it!!:) I love having a hubby that loves to yard sale!!

Dipping my feet into the Atlantic and reading.. ahhhhhhhh...

Napping whenever i desired

Eating real goooood...:)

And those were just to name a few... 

Check back next year this time..
When i will report on our 8th anniversary getaway..