Monday, July 30, 2012

Wedding Pictures.. :)

So we got a new printer/scanner not long ago..
I just discovered how to use it..:)
and I think it's cool. 

Yes, we got married right before digital photography was THE thing... 

Anyhow, i just thought I'd show a couple more pics of thee wedding..

For memories sake


Proof that Curtis and I aren't the ONLY ones that have aged...

Me with my mother and father ^

Curtis with his Mother and Father

THE USHERS ^  :) Trust me you wouldn't even recognize them anymore.. lol :)

The Wengerd Family ^

Bridal Party ^ doing the flower /suit swap

Heather and Andre.. awwwwwwww ;) ^

My Mammy and Pappy and Grandmam!! ^

The cute lil gift carriers

The bridal party getting served and below are the servers who served us... :)

Me and my maid of honor... :) ^


The 2 pics above we are posing with the niece and nephews... They are def. the ones who have changed the most!!! :)

Cutting the cake...^

Attempting to get into our balloon filled vehicle!! 

Hope you enjoyed. 
Enough with the scanning and on with my day.. 


Seven years ago

I must say that-
It's been great


Wednesday, July 25, 2012


they look so much alike when sleeping!! :)
Anybody else plum tuckered out from summer?

The other day i just had a real "hankering"...
For a HOT-
Peppermint Latte
Or a HOT-
Pumpkin Latte...

I was all into getting out and keeping cool (see previous post)...
But directly after this
 -we all came down with a nasty lil bug...
- it was time to can peaches and tomatoes
- a mouse invaded my kitchen cupboard
- The lawn mower quit working
- the rain kept coming---
(picture weeds and too tall grass everywhere)


And here we are in to 3rd trimester and the energy is no where near that i can see!!
The energy for me that is. 
My children sure got it though.. 


Oh well- summer time you were great..
And still are i suppose..but
Now I'm ready for hoodies and hot lattes.

But until then I'm sure enjoying and extremely thankful for
Central AC... 
Iced coffees....
Hubby that can fix mowers....
A mouse that got caught!!...
 And last but not least--
Specially the 1, 2 and 3 lil kiddos that tire me out..:)

Monday, July 9, 2012

Getting out...

With temps up over 100 this past while there is nothing this pregnant mama wanted to do more then-

That worked ok..
Until i discovered that- 
My kiddos and i were beginning to look whiter then white around here...

So i started last week-
Setting the timer in my head and announcing we are going outside for an hour!!! 

I filled up the kiddy pool and joined the kids.. 
Believe it or not we lasted longer then an hr... and i didn't die of heat stroke.. 

Today i decided to venture out to a sandy lake swimming area.. 
I told myself i will make us stay there 1-2 hrs... 

Ended up we stayed there 3 hrs and could have stayed even longer!!! :)

Tomorrow I'm going to a friends pool i think.. 

I know, i know...
I should practice moderation.. 
Its either all or nothing around here it seems:)

Anyhow, the lake was tons of fun.. it felt so refreshing!! 

We got there and Carter was extremely pumped... 

While putting on sunblock, etc.. 
He exclaims loudly.. with a giggle..
"Oh, mom, look at that man with that fat belly"

(the man was nicely just a couple feet away from us)

I tried to get attention away from this subject.. but it must go on..

"Mom why is it fat?, What is that mans name?????.."

And Brooklyn joins in-

Brooklyn:"Oh i HATE that"
 Carter " What do you hate Brooklyn? The water or what"

Brooklyn:"Oh i hate that fat belly"

All the while.. I'm just trying to remain calm and say things like-
"Oh we don't say that.. HEY LOOK AT THE PRETTY WATER!!.. Carter, we don't need to talk about that.. ARE YOU READY TO SWIM?"

And then of course breathing a prayer that went kinda like this..
"Hey Lord, could ya please allow that man to be A. either hard of hearing or B. possibly deaf??

And the whole teaching about what we do or don't say continues around this house hold!!!:)

This little girl ^ was extremely timid and afraid at first, but eventually got in and loved it!! With her mama within arms reach, of course!!!

Here is to trying to stay cool outdoors and enjoying it while we do it!!! 


Monday, July 2, 2012

Carter turns 5....

^His start to his birthday.. a fancy pancake. boy was he pleased with it..:)

I sure don't like my children getting bigger, but i must say this time i couldn't wait for Carter to finally turn 5!!!! 

He had been counting down his birthday for months!! 

He would tell people..
"My birthday is in 3 months"
"It's not 3 months anymore, its 2 months..."
"It's not 3 months, not 2 months.. its in 1 month!!!!"

Then the night before in walmart... finally he could say to everybody he met... 
"My birthday is TOMORROW!!"

And of course that day.. anybody he met... 

"Hey i'm FIVE NOW!! My birthday is TODAY!!" :)

This year we planned a party with all his little boy friends in the area.. Which in our church happens to be a lot of little boys.. 
nine lil guys around the table....

When they all get together there is much LOUDNESS and much CRAZINESS... 
I love to watch them interact... 
AND i was sure to video record some of it for them to watch when they grow up. 
They will love me for it!!!

Carter had this particular cake/cupcake picked out for over half a yr already.......... 
He helped me make it and was quite proud of the finished product!! 

Posing with his daddy.. who shares the SAME birthday with him...

 They were singing  happy birthday here and he was basking in the glory of it... :)
 Blowing out his candles!!!

I made a pinata and the boys all had fun whacking and smacking away... 
Whew! it was up over  a hundered degrees outside!!! 

 Picking up the candy... forgot to lay something down and the candy was all dirty and sandy...:(

 Opening gifts is a wild and crazy time with everyone helping/lending a hand... :)
 Love the little shirtless guys... Notice arms around another.. so cute:)

Needless to say Carter had a blast... 
And this pg mamma was seriously worn out!!!:)
Not as worn out as i was 5 yrs ago that day though...:)

It's summer! It's hot! It's busy!
I have so much more i could say, but i must run along!!!