Thursday, May 17, 2012

Gotta love the happiness that 
Hydrangeas and Lilys bring!!

This was the first year that my hydrangea bush bloomed.. 
And trust me, I'm cherishing each bloom that it brings. 
Having bad luck with the whole drying thing, though. 
Will need to try harder with that next year.

Who doesn't love a little girl and her doll babies?
My girl is truly and most definitely a girly girl. 
You can already tell her heart and desire is to be a mama some day.
Somehow i think she'll make a pretty good one. 

I had to laugh at this particular day..
When she was packing up everything in sight...
Her and her baby were "heading out for the day" ...
Or was was it a week!?!?

Not sure where they were headed, but apparently they were going to need some 
Toilet paper..??

I'm pretty sure she is going to be a help for me when I'm ready to leave the house with this little sweet potato I'm carrying right now.. (yes that's the size of my baby this week!!)

There has been rain lately!! I'm the "head on out and splash and play in the puddles and rain" type of mom...

Lets just say i have a boy that is delighted with driving his bike through giant puddles... 

Around here we have the overly willing helpers in the kitchen... 
On this particular day.. 
I handed over the potato peelers ...
And kept the band aids nearby...
Just in case.. :)

Happy weekend to you and yours...

I'm thinking this(beach/relaxation) right now....
2 yrs ago!! wow!!

'cuz that's where me and mine are headed this weekend.. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New babysitter

Got to say...
I'm in love with my new babysitter..
So far she has treated me(and the kids) quite well.. 
They have been swinging in the rain..
Out at the break of dawn..
Sliding at dusk... 
etc, etc....

Thanks to Craiglslist we splurged a little.
And purchased a swing set for the kids. 
We told the children we were going to someones house to look at a swing set..
Carter said.. "can we swing on it?!!?" 
I said sure...

He let out a little gasp when i asked him if he would like to take it home with us..:)
 With the help of a friend.. 
Curtis was able to tear it down..
load it on the trailer.. 
get it home..
and get it set back up... 
All in one day..

I told Carter that this would be partly his birthday gift. 
He was so delighted. 
Then he told me we are going to need some giant wrapping paper to wrap it.. :)

Of course as always.. the newness will wear off some..
But until then.. 
I'm loving it! :)

 Whats the best babysitter you've bought for your kids...?

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Real Life Family- A picture from the past...

Oh my.. Some times i would love to go back to film days. 
Not totally.
But those were some of the "best" pics that would arrive by mail, etc.
It captured the moment. 
No erasing.
Retaking 20 times, etc.
You got what you got. 

Introducing my family. 

Twelve years ago to be exact. 

I've got a sister 3 yrs older then me.
A brother 5 yrs younger.
And a sister 7 yrs younger.

This was supposed to be a quick, sweet family picture.
Before we left the land of Pinecraft, FLA.. 
To head back to the freezing land of PA.

The story behind the madness and laughter. 


I loved to tell my lil brother what to wear and how to wear it. 
I bought him that cool Gap hat. 

But he wasn't wearing it correctly for the picture..
So i must have been bossing him around a bit telling him how it must be worn.. 
(Oh believe me i don't remember this, this is what he said!!!)
When he wouldn't obey my command i let it go..

But this is where strong lil sister comes in.. 
She reaches over and scratches and scratches him.. Much to her delight of course... 

And that is what caused this face on brother- <mad>

And this face on sister <delighted>

The rest of us burst into laughter as you can see... 
Me even to the point of having to wipe away a tear or two.

Sweet Grandma just kept snapping (the camera, that is).. 

And that is how we started the 24 trek back to PA. 
Good start, huh?:) 

Oh and who can forget the stop in Ga on the way home?.. 
To meet the future bro-in law for the first time...

Pictures are worth a thousand words.. 

Don't forget to take some today. 

Years from now you'll be so glad you did...:)

Oh and here we are just one year ago.. We've changed a little.. 

Little sister is no longer the bat chasing, nail scratching sister she once was... 
Little brother wears his clothes ok now..:) 
Big sister got rid of that puffy

But we still all know how to laugh when the need arises..