Friday, February 24, 2012

just stuff...

Hey there.. How's it going i your corner of the world?
-nasty weather.. Like as in Tornado warning weather..
(i highly despise scary, stormy weather)
 -Little girl, not sure how to word this in a nice way, puking..
(and knowing its just making its rounds.. who will be next?)
Despite those two things.. Life is good.. 
And actually the weather is better now. 
Thank God! 

We have had a different last week plus. 
We had a funeral to attend. 
Curtis' cousins' husband. 
A reminder once again that life is short. 

It also spurred a hundred and ten questions from our 4 year old. 
This is definitely the age when Heaven and Death and all is something they want to figure out.. 
That and whole lot of other things. 

I'm currently thankful for google that has already answered some questions that my 4 yr old asked.. 
When i wasn't quite sure of the exact answer. 
 No not the questions about Heaven. 
But like.." Mom, what does a liver do inside your body?" 
Me: "Ummm, well it.. ummmm?? Let me google it.."
Ok so I'm not the type that remembers some important things in life..
Thus the reason I'm thankful for google.. :)

Speaking of 4 yr olds.. 
Don't you just love their version of "putting books away"?...

And then there is the 2 yr olds version of "putting yotion (lotion)" on her baby. 
But in all actuality the lotion is Vaseline. Yay!

I'm currently in the middle of redoing a chair...
It somehow got put on the back burner. With too much of too much stuff happening around here... 

It's the chair with my 2 men on below..
By the way this is their version of fun.. 
Computer games make me bored or something.. but these two could play for hours.. :)
So i peeled off the ugly brown material.. and discovered and even lovelier material underneath that... take a look below...
Anybody up for me using the material on the left above? Because i could possibly return the material i bought below...

10-20 years from now my red will be on the bottom and someone will be laughing at it..
So i need to sand the chair some more and spray paint away...
And then it'll be complete.. 
 Hopefully sooner then later. 

Good weekend to all..

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day....

Hope you and yours are experiencing a wonderful Valentine's day... 
Can't say I'm feeling all lovey, dovey and valentiny....
But i sure had fun sitting in the Bi-lo parking lot this afternoon..
Sipping on a latte..
While my children snoozed...
Watching the pink and red balloons being walked to the car.. 
Seeing what all the men were purchasing for their ladies... 
Checking out the interesting clothes people wear on V-day...
Red pants, lady? Really?

I did purchase some strawberries to dip in chocolate.
We may eat that later on tonight.
Then i treated our dear little family to Subway Subs...
I was relieved to see i wasn't the only one buying subs on Valentine's eve. 

 I'm blessed to have such a loving little family..
 My children i must say, have never annoyed me more the last couple days.
But, i really do love them.

 The other day Carter said out of the blue "Mom, you look very pretty today" :) 

Today i told Brooklyn " I love you, baby girl"
She said "I wuv you too, baby mom"

Somehow i turned into mom. No more of mommy. Really? I thought mommy lasted longer then this...

My husband has been working so hard.
But still takes time out for me..
There is so much i could say about him and me. 
But i'm guessing you aren't dying to hear it.:)

I have a wonderful loving God who has listened to way too much complaining from me the past while... 
I'm trying to work more on the thankfulness.. 
It's a daily thing..

I have a wonderful bunch of friends.. 
And by the way..
Is it ladies night out soon?:)

My in laws are great too i might add...
Always willing to babysit or help me out in some way if needed.. 
Once in awhile giving fresh loaves of homemade bread:)

My wonderful family that lives way to far away is down right awesome too..
Love when I'm with them. 
I always can get a good, hard laugh in. 
And totally be me. 

 Happy Valentine's Day to you! 
Chocolate and roses from my man.. and a rose plant from my secret sister...