Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Brown Sugar Carmel Latte

So here i am once again.. 

When i should really be studying my Sunday School lesson i am to be teaching this Sunday..

(hey it's just not coming to me right now, k?)
Or, cleaning something or someone..

(but, really, my house is decently half ways in order.. And don't you dare be looking to close!! And my children are both in their beds taking a rest)

And so i will blog on. 

This blog shall be especially dedicated to my love of coffee ... 

And my favorite Home made Latte at this time in my life:

Brown Sugar Carmel Latte

First off you need to brew your coffee.
What i do is measure out double the amount of coffee then you normally would.
But, i suppose you could do it however you would prefer..
Next, while the coffee is brewing, pour 1/4 cup of milk(i use 2%) into a kettle. 
Add 1 tablespoon brown sugar (more or less to suit your sweet tooth) to the milk.
As the milk is warming,, begin beating it with a wire whisk.. Beat, beat and beat some more till the milk is all frothy like..

Pour 3/4 cup coffee into you favorite mug.
Pour the hot, frothy milk/sugar into the coffee. 
Lastly, for added benefit you can add some cool whip.
You can even get fancy and drizzle some caramel syrup on top.. 
Although it's even good plain like mine below....
This just makes a good day better
Or a bad day good. 
Trust me. 

And if you worried about such things as calories and such... 
This recipe is def. lower calorie then most!!
Always a plus, always a plus.

Another thing that can make a bad day better is having these come home with your hubby...

And it's not even Valentine's day yet, is it?
He's a keeper, my man is.
And so is my Brown Sugar Caramel latte.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Heightening our curb appeal...

 ^Our mailbox for the first 2 years we lived here..
Serving it's purpose?
Doing it's job?
Lacking in beauty?

We decided for part of our Christmas gift this year we would purchase a new one..

^Hubby using a level like a pro...

 ^Hollering down to China to let them know what is up...
Am i the only one that used to think that you could dig a hole and go down in it to get to China?..
And then i also thought that when you get down there, there would be tons and tons of china sitting around..
Yes,  i was just a little corker back then...
^Hubby working, me taking comfort in the fact that shadows make you look bigger then you {hopefully} appear in real life..

^The almost finished product!
Call me lazy, but i don't feel like hiking out the lane to get an actual finished one right at this moment...

There you have it.. An easy, not too expensive way to heighten your curb appeal.. 
Now people who stop here will think we live in a mansion..
And will be quite shocked to discover a double wide awaits them..:)

Monday, January 16, 2012

My lil cupcake...

Aunt Heather can be proud.. 

This post is made just for her.. 

It's ok, you can look at it too...

Brooklyn with her nightie (from Aunt Heather, of course)..
Brooklyn calls it her "Dress jammies" :)


She will also tell me (everytime we got to put them on) " They are kinda like Gwandma's" .. :)

Little girl's and their love of clothes cracks me up!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

So It's January......

And it's "normal" life around here...

There is the Christmas decor half way down... Hopefully finding a spot in the tote where they belong some day soon...

There is new Christmas toys that entertain, of course.. but take up space.. and remind me that its time to do the In with the new, out with the old purge...

Apparently the baby needs a whole bunch of silverware!

There is the potty training going on.. After the 2 stress full first days, I'm EXTREEEEMELY happy that my 2 yr old is catching on... Whew.. Not having to buy anymore diapers sounds awesome! It's been 4 1/2 yrs since I've been buying them....
She needs everything with her to "get it done":)

There is the making of Whoopie Pies.. And rolling the edges into Valentine Sprinkles.. Gotta find some way to spread some love in this household... ;) When you do this don't forget to use this easy shmeasy recipe....

And then there's been me.. Just trying to stay sane as a mom...Trying to figure out what exactly God wants with me in this little life of mine... Searching, yearning to be all that He wants me... Knowing He has a special purpose for my life even though i may not always know exactly what it may be..... Just thankful that He already has every little detail of my life planned out so i don't need to try and figure it out on my own...
my 4 yr old enjoys taking pics...
Also loving this~

And there is you , my readers.. Don't know who you all are,,, but i just want to say thanks for stopping by on this fine day..

Until next time~

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Stuff from last year...

I have so many fun Christmas memory photos to share..
Instead of a l o n g Christmas post.. Maybe I'll do several short ones..
or maybe this one will be the last one..
It probably mainly depends on what i feel like doing.. :)

Christmas with just our little family of four was grand.
We (my husband and I) are like little kids when it comes to Christmas..
We couldn't wait till Christmas eve. to open gifts, so we dove into them Christmas Eve. Eve....

The excitement ran high before gifts were opened...
And below is an after shot!!!

We went to my home stomping grounds for a week.. it twas quite lovely.. Except for the times of missing my older sister and her family.. (they are missionaries in Canada and couldn't make this year)
We had times of just sitting around and being sad-

I have a mom, who will be quite horrified that i put these on. :)
We made so many memories while taking these, trust me!

My lil brother that is Five year younger has a birthday every year on New Year's eve..... This year we (my sis and i) decorated a cake.. 
Then my parents and i bombarded the Youth New Year's Party.. with the cake and some balloons.
We dropped of the stuff.. Turned around and headed home.
And i was in bed by 11:50..
Heard the shots and fireworks when the new year came in...
Yes, i am boring like that.

The maker's of the Mac book cake...
It was fun..
Never made a Mac book Cake before..
Never actually used fondant before...
Or edible spray paint..
Over all it went well..
And i think i might go into the business of making Mac book cakes.. 
What do you think...?
Oh, only if my little sister is there whipping up the icing for me... ;)

Above we have the birthday man.. He is very techy and somehow how the brains went to the little brother.. while the sister 5 yrs older has quite a bit not there...:) 
Yes, I am the sister five years older.

Oh and below was our little family's Cozy Christmas eve. supper... 

It felt cozier then it looks..
The blinds, the lights??
I don't know about you..but..
I'm seeing some redneckness from here..
The kids were impressed!! 
And hubby could have cared less,
I believe his favorite companion that night was a box of tissues
and some Dayquil of some sort..

And that's where i am ending today..
Good day to you and yours.