Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas- It's getting closer!

So what have you been up to this Christmas Season so far?
We've been keeping our Christmas season low key. 
Throwing in just enough baking and festive things to make it feel like Christmas.

I love this time of year
I really do. 

There was that one moment when i was spouting off to my hubby
"We buy more stuff (gifts) when our house is already cluttered and we make all these sweets when we( i mean i) are already fat!!!" 

And he said
"Don't go turning into the Grinch now"

So i changed my mood and got back into the spirit of things. 

Anyhow, so i did some candy making and decorated cookies with some friends. 
It gets awful boring alone. 
My short attention span can't handle doing all this alone,
 so doing it with someone is the way to go for me! 

The finished products

Kinda how it looked "behind the scenes"

Then we(my hubby and i) did the "fun task" of delivering the Christmas goodies to our neighbors. 
Something i actually don't really look that forward to. 
We split it up. 
Hubby did 2 
and then
I did 2 places-
Only about 2 weeks later. 
(I kept putting it off.)

In doing so i did come to decide that they (although the one is slightly crazy) are nicer then i was imagining. 

We visited the local Zoo to see some Christmas lights. 
It was enjoyed by all...
And it just happened to be a little chilly that night, so that was a plus :)

 Somebody stayed all toasty warm in his seat!

 I love the palms!

 Flamingos are fun to watch at night!!

We had our own lil family Christmas. 
Which consisted of me quickly and i mean really quickly throwing together a meal of:
Pigs in a blanket
Choc. and caramel fondue 
With different fruits to dip in.
Red Punch 
All eaten in candle light

Then we opened up our gifts. 
We exchanged names this year for something different.
I had Brooklyn's name
And Brooklyn had Carter's
Carter had Curtis'
And Curtis had Mine

Poor little Jamison was let out of the fun.

 I'm veeerrryy practical and don't like to spend money on things for myself too much..
Or my couch for that matter.
I pointed out some pillows on clearance ( at target) and a pillow at TJ Max to my hubby for an idea for my Christmas gift.. 
And that is what he got me.
Happy am I! 
Specially since two of them were only $3.56 a piece!
Have i mentioned before that i LOVE Target clearance?

My hubby did open a gift. He just got missed on the camera end of it. :(

So this is all just the beginning to our Christmas fun! 
They say there is no place like home for the holidays. 
And i find that to be true..
The north is calling our name.. 
Can't wait!

Oh, and here are a couple pics of the kiddos that i love so dearly! 

2 month traditional photo shoot..

So i guess 
you can call it a tradition-

This little tradition that i have of
taking pictures of my little ones
just after their 2 month well visits and shots. 

A picture of them modelling their diapers and cool band aids. 

Sorry kiddos. 
Your mom is, well, just being a mom i guess.

I find it interesting comparing the weights 
and looks of them.. 

started out at  7 lbs 10 Oz
2 months weighed in at 
11 lbs 4 oz

Little Miss Brooklyn Started out at a whoppin' 9 lbs and 11 oz
And at 2 months weighed in at:
13 lbs 2 oz

Last week i took my baby for his 2 month check up
I do declare they get older faster and faster these days.. 
2 months already?
This can't be! 

Anyhow so he started out at 9 lbs 1 oz
And at 2 months weighed in the biggest of the the 3!
13 lbs 8 oz....
 The shots didn't affect him at all!! :)

I love my little/big man! 
And as i put away yet another outgrown outfit of his.
Instead of getting teary eyed, I'll smile and be thankful for the healthy , growing baby I'm blessed with!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Preach It Brother!

I love when my children use their imagination.
Playing church was something i remember doing a lot as a little girl.
I hadn't noticed my two doing that, yet..
Until the other night.

I just couldn't resist taking some pictures. 
It was cracking me up.

 At one point I said-

"Carter would you stop yelling?!"

And he said-

"Mooom, that's what real preachers do and I'm trying to be a real preacher!!!"

His audience (aka church body) was one very busy little mama girl...

Say what?
Three babies?
She is good! 
She sat there very seriously while the preacher hollered... 
And once in awhile would go
While nodding her head in agreement.

Happy Thursday to you!
May it be a great day of imagination! 
For your children -
and you too if you'd like.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Just taking some family pictures [Clemson Style]...

 Well baby he was 7 weeks
When i was like
"Hey, we don't even have any pictures of us together"
"Like a family picture.. "

So we grabbed the camera.
and since i was already wearing Clemson attire. 
And was trying a cute Clemson outfit (gift from friends) on baby..
I told the rest of the family to put on their Clemson clothing. 

And we had a little family photo shoot. 
Thanks to self timer. 

We did all this in like 5 minutes thanks to the camera battery going dead. 

 Cute Clemson Onesie that says
"Let's Tailgate
At My Crib
(bring your own milk)"

Ok everybody smile big at the blinking green light on the camera!! 
Everybody, but Jamison got that memo. 

Of course we had plenty of the real life ones.. 

So there you have it. 
Our first family pictures of our little family of five.

My Firstborn


[*Pictures taken when he was 5 yrs and 3 months]

My firstborn.

Where do i start?

I love your excited, full of life character! 

Always bouncing here and there -full of energy! 

You scare me and humble me plenty when it comes to 
the things you say to people
 loud and clear.

You are five..
I can hardly believe I've been a mommy for over 5 yrs now. 

Kindergarten is going fairly good.
I enjoy being your teacher. 
It's so much fun watching you learn and grow. 

You have blue eyes like me. 
But we see your daddy in you plenty too. 

You love to tease your sister. 
And protect your little brother. 
You are just living for the day when he will start sleeping in your room.

I love when you ask questions about God. 
And the way you get all serious and concerned for those less fortunate then us. 

We (your daddy and I)are learning as we go aren't we, Bud?
This whole being parents thing. 

And you get to be the firstborn. 
The one that gets all the experiments done on.

I love you Carter, 
My boy! 
Never forget that, ok?

- Your mommy 
or should i say-
-Your Mom

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Saturday, December 1, 2012

My Girl


[* pictures taken a few weeks before she turned three]

I used to say and think that i could handle just having all boys and no girls.. 
But now that i have a girl i have found out that it is so much fun! 
And i couldn't imagine not having one

You are a girly girl. 
A mother hen. 
You do so good with your baby dolls. 
And really help me out with your little baby brother.

You are an expert at giving him his pacifier. 
As soon as he makes a peep you see to it that he gets that thing stuffed into his mouth. 

You scare easily.
Very easily actually. 
Sorry that we take advantage and have fun with that.. 
We just can't help ourselves sometimes

You can talk our ear off. 
When it comes to remembering people and their names, you are an expert.

You highly dislike any animal.. 
Whether it may be a fly buzzing around, a dog, a cat or a moose(imaginary);)
You make sure you are far away.
You like to tell us of the bear and moose that are hiding in your room , so you can get out of sleeping.
But we are smarter then that and it never works.

You are my brown eyed, brown haired girl.
My second child.
My middle one. 
And what a sweet and caring heart you have for others.

Three already!?
My little girl is growing up. 
You recently started going to Sunday School. 
When i asked what you do there you told me that you
"Learn about God, color and eat candy"

You give us your share of drama.
But you are a girl after all..
So that is to be expected, right? 

What fun you add to our family of five!
We are so thankful that God graced us with your presence a little over three years ago. 

Never forget that you are my girl
And I'm your mommy 
And that i love you very much! 
-Your mommy 
* Pictures taken by Heidi Mast Photography

Friday, November 30, 2012

My third..

[*pictures taken at 8 days old]

Not sure how it happened so fast. 
But you are here now for 7 weeks already! 
Wow! In some ways it feels like you have always been here
And other times it feels like you were just born..
I love the way you snuggle up to sleep..
And the way you already love to watch your older siblings or your daddy and i. 
You have the cutest little blue eyes and i wonder if they will stay blue or not.

Starting out at nine pounds gave you a good head start and you are well over 13 pounds by now.
Talk about getting mommy ready for lifting weights someday! 

Your big  brother and sister adore you.
Even when they are doing things to try to scare you..
Or scrubbing out your clogged eye duct with a cold wet wash cloth. 
I give you permission to get back at them some day. 

And lets just say, the smiles you give are definitely contagious!! 

You are my third
The one i prayed to God for
and hoped for.
He made me wait a little bit longer then i hoped.
But then one day i took that positive pregnancy test.
That was one of the best days.

All good things come in their own time. 
You are here now. 
And there is not a day that goes by that i don't thank God for you! 
Your mommy

*Picture copy rights belong to Heidi at Heidi Mast Photography