Sunday, November 20, 2011

the last of the birthday bash(es)...

 I got my camera back from the fix it place.
They fixed it for free. 
I love Canon! :)

Anyhow so i'm now finally able to upload some of these birthday pictures so you can see them and everything. I know you were just so excited and checking back here like everyday just waiting for these... Ha:)
Posing with her present..

 Amazed that she is allowed to rip it open.. :)

 Brother suddenly realizes there is a cool toy in this and quickly moves in to help...
Thank-you yardsale for a nice doll house for $3!!

 Months before her birthday she talked about having a "butterfly birthday cupcake"...:) 
This is one of the most fun and easiest cakes i've ever made!! Not that i've made a bunch of cakes, but anyhow..

blowing out the candles...

Having trouble with the last one, so brother moves in to help. 

And then one week later we celebrated the getting older of me. 
P.F. Changs is a nice place to celebrate!
If you ever go there you must get lettuce wraps!!

Starbucks. There was a time when i didn't even know Starbucks exsisted. Or coffee drinks for that matter.
Sometimes i wish i still didn't.
I love them.
And having a drink and being with my hubby at the same time... is like double awesome!!

Is this week really Thanksgiving? 
What are you looking forward to the most about Thankgiving?
Me? I'd have to say being with family and sweet potato souffle'!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Our little family's favorite meal of all times...

I could make this every week (i don't though) and we wouldn't get tired of it...
No matter how much i make (and i make lots!!) every drop gets eaten. No leftovers get thrown in the woods. No never.

I love making food when everybody, yes, everybody enjoys devouring it.

I know i only have 3 to please around here... but i do have a some what of a picky 4 yr old eater, who thinks eating supper is some sort of horrible thing.. But when you mention Rice and chicken.. He perks up, comes to the table and eats. Well, not the peppers. Of course not! :)

The meal is..
Stir-fry Chicken and Fried Rice

And if you love to follow recipes.. then you are most likely going to hate me for this.. :)
Sorry, but i just dump, pour, pinch and sprinkle.. And end up with (most of the time)success...

First off you start out by cutting up your chicken into nice size pieces....

That is actually kind of a gross picture^ Hope you don't get salmonella just from looking at it... 

You can chose to marinate your meat in some soy sauce.. or balsamic vinegar. Or you can skip that whole process and dump it in a frying pan and fry away...
While frying your meat you can add some yummy spices.. Such as garlic, onion flakes, red pepper, ginger(pinches only,, i dumped way too much in one time!!:)), soy sauce, seasoned salt... 

Soy sauce is a big factor in all of this.. You WILL need to have this on hand to make your meal scrumdidlyumptious!!

You will also need some stir fry veggies of some sort.. 
While you are frying the chicken..In a separate pan fry the veggies.. All of the above spices can be put in them as well..
When they are both done to your likeness..
Dump them together like this-

Part way through the whole frying process, you will want to start cooking your rice...
We have fell in love with this kind of rice..

I have started to even by it in a bigger bag.. 5 lbs!! 
See my wrist straining to hold it up? 

Cook it like the directions say...

In a frying pan.. scramble a couple eggs...

Once rice is done and ready and everything..Dump in with the eggs... 

With the rice you are going to need lots of -

I know, i know.. it's totally going against the way i was brought up. But i figure that lots of butter once in awhile isn't going to kill ya? Right?!

The main 4 things that go with the rice^- eggs, butter, garlic garlic, and soy sauce!!

Fry away..

Hmmm..Take me away rice......

And there you have it folks.. the meal that fits our family so nicely. 
Go ahead and try it.. You never know,, it may be your family's next favorite too!! 
Oh, and if you want an extra yummy taste with all of this.. you have to try something else!! 

We love it like crazy!..
I got the recipe from this blog...

White Sauce:
1 cup mayonnaise
1/2 cup sour cream
6 drops soy sauce 
1 Tablespoon lemon juice
3 Tablespoons sugar
4 pinches ground ginger 
1/2 teaspoon garlic powder 
1/4 cup water
Mix it up and serve with your rice and chicken..
Its good, trust me on this one!!

Good day to you!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My little writer girl..

Ever wonder what your children will do when they grow up?
I'm pretty sure.. For a part time job at least..
Brooklyn will be some type of writer when she grows up..
Not the type that sits and writes..
Maybe like on of those workers that keeps track of inventory and walks around the store scrawling things down on paper..
Poor thing though. By the time she is all grown up, pens probably won't even exist. Everything will be computerized.

She is always begging for a pen and poper(paper)....

What are some your children's passions? Apart from being a writer.. She will also most definitely make a wonderful mommy some day...

Precious and loveable, giggly and fun.. I love my little girl...

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Getting older isn't all that bad...

So I’ve decided.. That if getting older consists of -
PF Changs
Calls from family and friends
Xtra hugs and kisses from family..
New coffee maker
Date with my man
Shopping with out kidders
Meals cooked by other people then me…
Gifts from friends

Then I’m all for it..
Well not the the actual getting older,,
But birthdays..

I’m another year older, believe it or not.

The big 26 has hit me.

10 years ago I turned sweet sixteen.. I remember that like it was yesterday..

One of those birthdays that you just remember..

It pretty much consisted of …
    Lots of crying..
    And I also did pass my permit that day.
That’s all another story for another day..

I have lovely pictures of my 26th birthday, but unfortently can not upload them.
My camera of only 2 months, but whom I’ve become quite close to is having some issues..
I had to send it away to the fix it place.
I miss it.
Sometimes I wake up in the morning and wonder if it has arrived there yet and if they are working on it  yet.
But most of all I wonder if it will cost me anything.
Hope not.
Glad they didn’t ask me any questions that went like this..
Has there been any trauma such as dropping, etc done to your camera??
Because I may or may not have seen my child trip over the USB cord it was attached to and seen it come crashing to the floor. :/

Well happy rest of the week to you..

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Apple sauce making with a word of thankfulness....

A week and a half ago we had our annual "family get together and make applesauce day"

I don't know what our total was for the day.. i came home with 59 quarts of applesauce and was quite happy to be stocked up for another year.... 

After our day of work we celebrated 2 birthdays..
Nephew Trevor who is full of expression as you can see:)
 And daughter Brooklyn who i have referred to several times before on this blog..

The cousins have a ton of fun playing while the parents work.. but there are plenty of adults around so the work doesn't feel like hard work, if you know what i mean...
Jasmine and Brooklyn.. 7 months apart...
The title of this blog says "apple sauce making with a word of thankfulness"...

So next I'm going to say my words of thankfulness.
Less then a week after the applesauce making took place.. Curtis' dad.. (PaPa) had a heart attack... And though he was alone... it just so happened he was right across the road from the Dr. when the symptoms started.. He was able to make it into the Dr's office.They sent  him (by ambulance) to the hospital where they put 2 stents in right away. He had a major artery clogged.. the Dr. said the Lord was definitely watching out for him.. After 2 days in the hospital he is home and doing well!

So this is my word of thankfulness for this week. 

Thank-you Lord for watching over each one of us every day... I take it for granted.. Thanks for allowing all of this to take place when FIL was close to people that could care for him right away.

I would love for all you to hear my 4 year olds version of this story.. 

"Do you know what happened to my PaPa? He braked his heart. And he went to the Dr. and the Dr took him to the hospital. And he took off his clothes and put hospital clothes on him. And the hospital said no children allowed back in that room."