Monday, October 31, 2011

The Making of The Cake Pops...

So for part of Brooklyn's birthday celebration this year i decided to try the latest craze and make...

If you are unaware of what Cake Pops are.. Just google it and rest assured you will find out! :)

This children were delighted in helping me with this process.....
I was soooooo close to waiting to they were snuggled in their beds to even begin this....
But then realized how stupid that would be.
Never mind a floor covered with sprinkles and messy, messy children...
That's part of the fun.
(try to at least think that, ok?)
(i had a hard time thinking that myself, ok?)
Just letting you know I'm not the perfect mom type...
Ok, on with the making of the cake pops....!!!

I mixed up a cake mix.
Baked it.
Crumbled it.
Added 2 cups of icing.
Mixed it.
Formed it into balls.
Froze them.

Then i got them out of the freezer and let them sit a little....
Warmed up some coating chocolate...
Took a lollipop stick.. Dipped it into the chocolate, then into the ball.
Then coated the ball with chocolate....
Then let the kiddos go crazy with the sprinkles...

This was the perfect thing for my daughter's birthday, because she is a lollipop freak!!! :)

The greatest thing about making these is watching children eat them...

The upside to making cake pops..
They are cute for kids...
They are fun to make..

The downside to making cake pops...
They are actually really hard to make like the magazines (perfect)
They really don't taste all that great (that is entirely my opinion)

Brooklyn, being the Brooklyn she is ate and devoured every bite..
Carter, being the Carter he is ate one bite and said.."Thank-you, but I'm done now!!"

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Brooklyn Sage (Happy Birthday baby girl)

I'm not sure how it happened really.

Just yesterday i was 9 months pregnant..

And just this morning i was giving birth to the most adorable little girl ever.

Then i blinked.

My baby girl is 2 today..

And instead of getting weepy. (i refuse)

Well, ok instead of getting tooooo weepy...

I'm going to embrace today.

Two year olds really are alot of fun.

Here is a little (ok, maybe big) run down of Brooklyn's life.. From birth to now...

She literally was one of the cutest babies I've ever seen.. chubby cheeks, lots of dark hair...

There is nothing cuter then brotherly love....... :)

 Three months old ^ and totally edible...

Definitely a daddy's girl!!
Hanging out with Cousin Kylie ^ with matchy matchy going on...

Nine months and walking.. Are you kidding me? Yes, she has been the one to keep this mama stepping...

Last week we celebrated her birthday with Curtis' Family......... Here are couple pics of that...

She did so good at blowing her candles out...Even with her mother's firm grasp.. :)

2 years old...... 

Gotta end with some real life photos.... Cute lil family picture here.... The children were totally in to taking pics as you can see.. Why do we even try for snapshots of cute lil family photos.... Oh! i know!! So we can look back and laugh at them some day....

I love my life with a little girl.. Girls are tons of fun.. Dramafied( i know that's not a word but i like it) yes, but definitely fun!
She is very excited about the butterfly birthday cake we are going to have tonight...
And she can't wait to "Sing happy birfday and blow dis"... What she says when she holds up the candles i have laying on the counter...

Thank-you God for the gift you gave us when you gave us Brooklyn..

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Church Camping 2011

Nearly two weeks ago i posted about getting ready to go camping. Well, i did survive it.. believe it or not. And it was a successful first Church camping trip for our church...

I got a few pics of our weekend together....Being on food committee wasn't a hard job,, but i wasn't able to be as lazy as a normal camping trip..:) Which is good for me... i like lazy a little bit too much probably...

For our Saturday supper we had good ole' grilled chicken, baked beans and potato salad...Followed by fresh fruit and bars and cookies.. Twas good indeed!!

I guess i won't be naming every single person you see on these pics.. They will all be known as my fellow church friends... :)

 Clay (baby on the floor): Oh shoot! There's THAT girl again!!!
 Kaitlyn: Oh hey there little buddy.. Don't worry i ain't gonna hurt you none!!
Kaitlyn: ...I'm justa gonna sit on ya a little
Clay: Can't breathe, can't breathe!!!

 SO many good captions good be made for this photo.. I will refrain, yes i will..:)

Random children playing....

Cleaning up.. camping is almost done.. time for grumpy, tired children.. that's how it always is!!

This is the HHHH picture : our HUMBLE HOME while camping.. And my HANDSOME HUBBY all of the time..

Coffee and Donuts for breakfast? Yes, please!!

 And this, my friends, is what camping does to a person.. 

I'm super duper blessed to be part of such a great church!!
See you later!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Finally a Fall Feeling..

.. Well just a little...
I've been married for 6 plus years now and have yet to purchase fall decor for my humble abode.
Well, i did buy an orange candle once (does that count?).
Until just the other day that is.
It was a rainy day.. I was in town with my lovely little family.
Doing fun things like getting hair cuts(for the boys).
And buying eggs and honey at Publix.
And that's when i decided we needed to head into a little pumpkin stand and pick out some pumpkins for our pumpkin deprived kiddos.
For a total of $7.77 we got a few pumpkins.
Carter was delighted!
As soon as we brought it home he declared he wanted to turn it into a monster!!!:0
I had to do alot of convincing.. but it is now sitting around for decoration..
And here you have it...
Pictures of my first ever fall decor.

The children are just joining the fall decor. They aren't part of it..:)

My flower beds have been producing lots of fall colored flowers!!

Not sure why i didn't bother combing my daughter's hair before snapping away....

And now I'm feeling all fallish and wanting to devour any pumpkin latte, pumpkin dessert, etc, etc...
But no thank-you to the pumpkin mac n cheese recipe i saw in a magazine the other day....
Happy Fall Folks!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pictures of us with family that live far, far away...

One of my favorites. 
Almost 2 year old and almost 94 year old conversing. 
Brooklyn and Grandmam are 92 years and one day apart.

Pappy, mammy and Carter

Brooklyn loves her Uncle Sessy (Justin)

Reach up high and touch the sky....

 Justin: "Hey lyss, if there are any single girls reading your blog.. tell them i'm available..."

Heather: "Duh, Justin like they can do anything about it" 
Eating a chocolate popcicle

Heather: "That guy? No, neeevvverrr(would i be interested in him)!! One time i saw him wearing pants that were too short AND talking with his mouth full.... Yea that was 10 years ago, but still!!!"
watching for daddy
looking at grandma's videos
 Watching Curtis back his truck in,,,

My good lookin' parents....;)

A certain somebody wanted to join,,
Hope your week is going great... My Husband spent the first 2 days at home because of rain. That is always a treat!!! 
I've been studying my Sunday School lesson that i have to teach this Sunday. 
It's about Abraham's Sacrifice...
His Faith is/was amazing...