Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My afternoon pick me up....

Whether you are a stay at home mom
A working lady
A working man
A retired grandparent
A college student
A bum on the street

Everybody needs an afternoon pick me up.
Yes, afternoons can be hard on everybody.

And, yes, naps aren't really an option for most.
Coffee is though..
And i feel so bad for those that don't enjoy such stuff.

So this is what i do. For a fast, cheap, nottomentionlowcalorie pick me up..

First off i take my leftover coffee from breakfast and pour it into a cup..
Then i spoon a teaspoon or two of brown sugar in. You can do chocolate or whatever you wish. I was made aware of adding brown sugar just not long ago.. And it is good.. It not only sweetens it but also gives it a Carmel flavor.. Stir real good...

Next up i pour a little bit of milk in...

 Then i add ice....
And lastly a straw..

And there you have it.. 
The greatest thing since sliced bread!! 
Its fast!
Its cheap!
It's yummy!
And if you are counting calories.. There is 11 cal. in a teaspoon of brown sugar.. And zero calories in coffee and ice.. And if you like strong coffee flavor then you don't need much milk splashed in........ 

Ahhhh... i'm lovin' it!
You so gotta try this the next time you need an extra boost to your afternoon!! :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

If you don't make a habit of going on anniversary trips. 
Or just getting away and relaxing from time to time.
Well, I'm  here to tell you that you should. 

I love time away with just my man and I. 
A big thanks to the babysitters who took care of our 2 so we could!! :)

Our favorite place to get away is Charleston, SC.. Thankfully we only live 2 hours away from it and get away there pretty easily!! 

On this particular time there we decided to walk this gigantic bridge. We drove over it plenty of times but never took the time to walk it. It is soo big.. i didn't necessarily like being up so high, but after awhile got used to it...

looking down on to the TOPS of the trees..

i had him pose beside so you could see how big the bridge really is!! :)

We also took a harbor tour and got to go under the bridge as well...

This bridge was completed just half a month before our wedding...One person died while building it... (and that is all the information i remember from the tour guy.. i have a bad rememberer):)

We also took the time to eat g-o-o-d! Sit down restaurants with no kids in tow is awesome let me tell ya!! 

 Olive Garden, Ruby Tuesdays, Sticky Fingers, Perkin's, Panera Bread.. No we didn't go hungry that is for sure!!

Sigh.. (that was a contented one)...

I already am dreaming of our next get away together.

I love my husband. 

The end.

Friday, September 16, 2011

hmmm... not sure what to title this?!!? :)

Need a good laugh in your day?
Just hand your old camera over to your 4 year old and tell him it's his to take pictures!!
(the old one miraculously started taking pictures again!)

He is a very serious photographer, but expects his posers to make out right crazy poses!! 

He tells you how to pose.. And on this particular evening we were feeling a little bit crazy and did as he said...
Of course he can never help, but let out a little giggle when snapping the picture...
And in other news...
Ahh yes,
I'm really excited about a weekend away(this weekend!!) with just me and my wonderful husband of 6 plus years!! 

All i can say is..
The way my two munchkins have been acting..

I'm like way excited for us..
But SURE do pity the babysitters!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

i guess i'm just not that gourmet..........

I don't know about you. But i enjoy reading magazines.. They are just the perfect thing for this time in my life. I love to read, but have not the time for books and such. 

One thing that annoys me greatly these days is the recipes that come in the magazines. Seriously. They are totally running out of ideas or something.. Totally.. 

These are the types of recipes you'll find...

Savory Blue Cheese Cheesecake with Cherry Pear Compote and Cherry Balsamic Glaze

Really now? You totally lost me at the savory blue cheese cheesecake part......and ya sure didn't have to add that compote and balsamic glaze in my opinion!! 


OR you might see-

Blue Corn Pancakes with Honey Orange Butter..

Please ya'll.. I just want the plain Jane pancakes........and honey orange butter? Maybe, but totally not necessary..... 

And here in my opinion is the worst yet.. Just a sad mix really. I mean yeah, i love chocolate, and yeah i love bacon... But not together, people, not together. 


Yes, you read that right... 
            Chocolate and Bacon Cake..

And it is the in thing.. if you google it lots of recipes and talk about it pop up...... 

I'm amazed. Please someone tell me this is a dream. These two are not meant to be together!! 

Ok enough said. I really should try all these things that look gross to me. I may actually like them. And who knows, i might even have a new appreciation for the recipe section in the magazines. 

But one thing is for sure. 

Chocolate and Bacon.

They should be separate. 

The end.  

In other non food news.. My camera is ordered!! And should arrive today or tomorrow! Don't you just love when you order a camera and a camera case..and the camera case arrives before the actual camera? Well, that happened to me! Got the case to look at awhile at least........:)