Monday, August 29, 2011

Family times = The best of times

Towards the beginning of August i got to spend just about 10 days with my family! We had a wonderful time!!

And thanks to my brother's shnazzy "to expensive for me to afford camera" i have some pictures to share from our time together!!

And trust me.. in between him snapping away, my lil sister grabbing it and snapping away.. and last but not least me grabbing it and snapping away.. We now have some where between alot - too many pictures!! :) But you can never have too much can you now?

Ready or not here we go.

Warning: Lots of great pictures of great people ahead!

Just a swinging...

2 little cousins as cute as can be...

Flying kites

Knoebels Grove amusement park..

Roller skating...

Yes, he is growing up.. but.... sometimes there are still these moments...:)

Aunt Heather and Brooklyn

Eating Comfortably!

A Wenger (horse and buggy mennonite) girl took the kiddos and grandma :) on a pony and carriage ride.. Brooklyn still talks about the "horsey wagon ride"...

Grandpa with his girls.. :)

Swinging at great-grandma's house..

Heather and 2 of her happy nieces!

Saying the good-byes.. (they won't be seeing these grandchildren very often anymore)

These crack me up everytime i look at them.
Me and my siblings in order from oldest to youngest..

Here we've got "the brother" practically choking "the oldest sister".. And "the baby sister" lovingly holding "the brother's" hand..... They (the 2 youngest) do get along better then they used to!! :)  Ha. In all truth she was actually trying to remove "the brother's" hand..

Much better.. although i do not know what is going on with "the brother's" fists??!
I really love going back home and hanging out with my siblings!!

So there is many, many more pictures of our wonderful good time...... Unfortunately the week is calling my name VERY loudly. Crazy busy week for me folks. BUT i wrote a list.. and so all will be well (i hope!).. But the list says: that now is the time to eat breakfast and then bake whoopie pies (for a church bake sale we do yearly) .. so i will obey the list and get off of here.......

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Growing up....

Yay! What do we have here? It's a picture post! :) And all the thanks and praise goes to Heidi J. Mast Photography for taking these and allowing me to share them on here......

My firstborn turned 4 a little while ago.

So hard to believe.

I can't believe how much he has grown up in the past year.

The most fun thing about this stage right now is all the funny things he is starting to say! Oh, yes, funny of course till he's embarrassing me by telling anyone and everyone stuff that very well doesn't need to be said! :)

We arrived at the cabin with my family the other weekend.
He had been told that we are going to the cabin..
When we got there is he was like where is Cavin? (he can't say his b's very well yet)
Nobody lives here we kept saying..
This is just a place for people to come stay at...
Finally he says in an exasperated voice.. "Where is cavin?? Where are they?? Did they ALL DIE!????

"I won't do that evermore!!" Is often his reply after something naughty has been done.. Or when he is done with something.. "Here you go Mommy, I don't want this evermore"

Finding out every one's age is the cool thing to do now that he is 4.
One day at Grandpa Smith's he asked out of the blue..
"Grandpa, how old are you?"
Grandpa replied.. "Well, I'm 49"
Carter's very quick response was.. "Oh ok, I'm 4 too!!!!"
What a way to make your grandpa feel young again!!:)

"Where is Heaven? Can we drive there? Oh maybe we can go there today Mommy!!!"

He is very certain we live inside "that ball" not on the outside of it.... (the globe, world)..

Driving along.. Out of the clear blue comes this little back seat driver..
"Don't crash, k Mommy?"
Yes, dear.. I'll try my best.

He is thinking he can keep being the boss of Brooklyn more and more these days..... Brooklyn, on the other hand, is thinking the opposite more and more these days.
End result?
Much fighting.
Their fighting is mainly with words. Hardly ever hitting.. Just alot of yelling and screaming. Fun times for thee Momma. :)

While shopping yesterday.. We were walking through the parking lot into the store.. He lets out this little gasp and was like " Wow, that is a cute car!!" "Oh, i like it!"

He is always looking at other children and deciding who's age they are close to..
"He's kinda like my age, Mommy"
"He's kinda like Brooklyn's or cousin Kylie's age"

He has plenty of drama for a little boy. Today i get the honors of taking him for a well visit and shots. Totally dread stuff like this with him. He totally freaks in these situations. His blood pressure was actually high at his last well visit. And he had a bad Dr. experience this past winter. And yeah he just freaks.....So i broke the news to him last night. And he was actually sort of OK with it. Ok, so i didn't tell him about the shots. Thinking I'm going to let the Dr. tell him that one..:)

Last week i had him to the dentist for a cleaning. He had had two cleanings before and it was totally awful. I take him to a pediatric dentist because there is no other option with him. He is in no way or no how aloud to throw tantrums at home. But we get in there and he totally goes crazy. It would take 5 or so ladies to hold him down. Anyhow, though, last week was a different story... He grew up in the 6th months in between.. He laid there as still as ever, did whatever they told him to do....
And when we walked out that place he said
"I LOOOVE that dentist!!"

Yup, my little boy is growing up.

I just hope this Dr. visit proves it as well.

*Edit: He did extremely well for all of his check-up.. even the shots! :) I'm thankful for the health God has given to each one of my children. Pretty sure thats something i take for granted a little too often.

Monday, August 22, 2011

RIP good ole Canon camera...

You may have noticed.

Or not.

That it has been dead around here. Dead, as in not much posting going on.

Why you ask?

Well, the main reason is that my camera (of 7 years) is deader then a door nail.

I knew this day was coming, but wasn't totally prepared. I didn't have a back up plan. I didn't know what i would want to replace it, etc......

So here i sit with no camera. And it's kinda hard on me. I've been researching and trying to decide what would be best for me next. I would like to get something that takes better pictures, but not something that is going to be too difficult for me to understand. I also don't want something that weighs down my neck or chokes me half to death.

So what does not having a camera have to do with not posting?

I  usually snap away at everything and anything. And then from there i get my inspiration on posting.

So yes, I'll take advice on cameras. And just so you know i think I'm sold on Canons. Don't direct me otherwise.  :)

Good day and week to each and everyone of you!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Its a Sweet Onion Chicken Terriyaki Sub Wannabe...

So if you love subs... Particularly Subway's Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki.. Then you will probably love these subs.

Sorry it doesn't taste just like it (Subway's). But it's pretty good if i must say so myself....

A perfect meal after a hot summer day.

I found a teriyaki sauce recipe.. so this is what i used for the sauce. I suppose you could use any other teriyaki sauce you have some on hand.

Teryiki Sauce
1 cup ketchup
1 cup sugar
1 cup soy sauce
2 tsp. garlic powder
2 tsp. ground ginger
Mix all ingredients together in  saucepan and simmer on low for 15 minutes. 

After this is made and cooled i split it in half.. I cut chicken up in small pieces. Then i marinate the chicken in half of the sauce.

Hubby says this sauce doesn't taste really that much like teriyaki tastes... But we both agreed that it is good.

After your chicken has marinated a good little while.. it's time to fry it up real good and nice...

While doing so go ahead and plop that grouchy daughter of yours up on the counter...

And give her some macaroni to play with

She may even help you get your dirty windows clean...

Once the chicken has finished cooking.. Put it in a dish with the other half of that teriyaki sauce you saved..

Next you put however much meat that you please on a Sub roll.. Top it with plenty of good cheese.. Provolone was used here..

Then you put it in under your broiler and toast it till its toasted good all over...

After it comes out of the broiler you top it with all the yummy things you like to put on your sub...

Around here it's:
Tomato (for me!!)

And last but not least....

The Sweet Onion Sauce! Yum!

I suppose you could find a recipe for this.. but i purchased it.

 Make. Eat. And enjoy! :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

6 years and counting...

I was going to do this long, mushified post about our marriage. In which i told you about our 6th Anniversary..

Some where along the line.. between being gone for 10 days... coming home to a million and 3 things to do.. and just life in general.. i totally didn't get very far with the whole post..

I know you are breathing a sigh of relief here.

About the whole mushy post and all..

Nevertheless there still needs to be a post of some sort in honor of 6 wonderful married years.

I think what I'll do is give ya little run down of pictures...


Key West, FLA 2005

First Anniversary...
Second Anniversary

Somewhere between first and second we picked up a baby along the way... ;)

Third Anniversary
Charleston, SC.. our favorite getaway place!! 

Fourth Anniversary...

Atlanta, GA.. Baby Brooklyn was along for the ride(inside my belly that is!!)

Fifth Anniversary

Pictures of our sixth anniversary.. 

Coming soon..