Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A yummy parfait (try it today!)..

Ok, I'll admit it. I'm a sweet freak. No ifs, ands or buts about it. I love my sweet stuff-- Specially when it comes to chocolate!! From time to time i go on a sweet fast. As in no desserts, etc. To help me through this extremely ruff time- i indulge in parfaits. Ok, maybe i don't indulge, but i do eat one or so a day to help me survive..:) I know, this doesn't involve chocolate... so I'm slightly surprised i even get into it, but i do. I really, really do. :)

Here is how i make mine..

First off you have to make some granola.

4 cups rolled oats
2 cups quick oats
3/4 cup wheat germ
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 cup sliced almonds
1/2 cup chopped pecans
1/2 cup sunflower seeds
1/2 cup coconut
1/2 cup oil
1/4 cup butter melted
1/2 cup honey
1/2 tsp vanilla
1/4 cup maple syrup

Mix dry ingredients together.
Mix the wet ingredients together and stir them into the dry ingredients. Spread out on cookie sheets and bake 30-45 minutes..stirring every 10 minutes.

Ok, so now you have your granola.. Now you also need to make sure you have some vanilla yogurt on hand. If you make your own, I look up to you. I want to be just like you when i grow up! :)

The last thing that isn't totally necessary, but makes it all the more tastier.. is some fresh fruit. Blueberries, strawberries, peaches, etc.

Arrange the 3 however you please.. And enjoy!

Hopefully it takes care of that craving you have for that chocolate cake, with chocolate pudding and heath bars that's in the fridge......Ha i wish! :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Isnt it amazing...

.. What a little paint can do...

Its also amazing how long it can take to complete a paint job. In a teeny, tiny room at that. Wow. Seriously. I guess summer time isn't the time to paint around here..

There is stuff like this to take care of..

And stuff like this to deal with as well...

And its still not done, but i guess i will show you the progress of where we were and where we are today.

This place has been blessed with alot of leaves.Leaves are fine if you like the feel of living in a forest. Or something like that.:) We already tackled the kitchen and got rid of them there. This job was to tackle our little teeny tiny bathroom.
I wanted a nice blue wall and as you see here the tile was green. I don't know much about interior decorating, but i DO know that blue walls and green tile is a no go. I went with a friend's suggestion and painted the tile metallic silver. So far i am the only one that really likes it. At least i like it, right? :) What do you think?

I forgot to take many pics before the whole painting process started. So here is a couple of the primer being which the room looks as if a tornado had just whipped through it.

And here we have the same shot after all the paint has been applied...

Another of "before"

And the same shot after...

And there you have it. The little paint job, that took way too long.

Man these before and after pics should totally inspire me to paint some other rooms in our house!!!!

But i think its going to have to be a winter project or something like that.

Have a great day everyone!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

I did it! (and so can you!)

I did it. I listened to my last post.

I used a little determination and reached a goal of mine.

Sure, it may not seem big to you, but to me..? Well, I'm just impressed that i actually can do it.

I was always impressed with runners and joggers. Thinking that it must be so cool to zip around the mile track in no time at all. Half the time it took me to do a mile walking.

I always thought it would be cool to jog. But. never. had. the. determination... Hey who likes to be gasping for air, sweating like a mad something while jiggling baby fat? Not me i tell ya!!

The one thing though about me is that if i can do something in half the time, I'm all for it. I mean you can burn way more calories jogging for 20 minutes then you do walking for 20 minutes.. So why not jog, burn more calories and be done with your work out for the day?

Hmmm,, Well i started this endeavor the beginning of this year... Yes, i am aware that we are half way through the year by now.

Insert : All of you 10 k plus jogging people out there are not aloud to laugh at me!! :)

I started out with the walk 2 minutes, jog 3 minutes.. etc.. etc.. Then i worked my way up to jogging one mile at a time with out stopping, then eventually i was jogging 2 without stopping.... Then it just sort of stayed that way. I'd do 2 miles 5 days a week or so.....

Well that's fine you say?

Yes, it may be.

But my underlying problem was.. My goal! Which was to be able to jog 3 plus miles at a time.I just didn't have that determination to push. myself. any. farther. than 2 miles.

Well, I'm pleased to say that there was some extra sweat pouring from me this afternoon, some extra gasping.... and a little more determination...

And i did 3 miles.

Next goal-
Do a 5 k.

Whats a goal  you've been putting off? Maybe its halfway started.. Maybe you need a little bit of a kick in the pants (aka some determination)...

Whatever the case, i hope this was an encouragement to you!!

And feel free to tell me any goals you have reached recently! I'd love to hear!  :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


 This is what i found after i investigated because of too much quietness.

Something about the short little dress... tippy toes... i don't know something about this pose tickled me.

May you be blessed today..

                     And just a reminder- 
Don't be afraid to stretch to higher places to reach for what you want in life(goals etc).... It might not be the most comfortable, but we can't get very far if we don't step out of our comfort zone just a little...

"Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try"

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

a ZOO-rific day!!

So one day last week. Carter starts in with his usual.

Him: What are we doing tonight Mommy?

Me: Going to the gym to clean it.

Him: What are we doing tomorrow then?

Me: (about to start in with probably just going to be around here doing around here stuff .. then switched it to---) Well, we could go to the zoo!

Him: Eyes popping out of his head-- BUT the zoo is berry berry far away!! We will have to wake up berry berry early!!

And so began the excitement of going to the zoo.

After which i wondered why. in. the. world. did i suggest something like this.

The weather was only going to feel like 130 that day.

Nice for us, we have a zoo only about 45 minutes away. Some years i get a membership so we can go as many times as we want. I just recently discovered our year is about up, so that explains the sudden go to the zoo day!

Ok, and also i need to explain that our going to the zoo day only usually lasts around 1-2 hrs. Partly thanks to well, umm,, ME! I like to keep things moving. See that animal? Cool.. now lets go see the next one!! Carter is pretty much like me, except for this time some of his daddy came out in him when he had me read each sign saying what kind of animal it was. :)

And what do we have here? Seems as if some monkeys got out of their cage...

Checking out one of the many creatures!!

You can walk right in with the kangaroo.. Pretty cool. My 4 yr old just was dying to run right over and pet them...

We spent alot of time watching the fish. Partly because it was AC and partly because they both really enjoyed watching  them...

Check out her reflection! :)

We had a fun morning. My two are at a really fun stage right now. I'm glad we ventured out in the heat and did something different for a change.

And believe it or not!! We were there a lil over 2 hours!! :)

Speaking of hot..

This brought a smile to my face.

Thankful for AC?


Monday, July 11, 2011

A family reunion..

Nearly 2 weeks ago we made the long trek ( 15 hrs to be exact) to a family reunion. It was a great time had by all... specially my hubby who was able to once again hang out with/ catch up with his cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents... This reunion was with Curtis', Mom's parents and siblings..(you with me yet?) Its alot easier to say then write. Curtis' mom has a total of 9 siblings... there is ten including her.... they were all present except for one. There is a total of 110 in the family by now.. and the number just keeps on rising. The reunion only consisted of 50 -60 people though because of the spread out consistency of everybody. Ok.. Ready for some pictures? Sorry if you are, because, like usual i didn't take a ton. More like, the last day I'm desperately running around snapping whoever and whomever so i get some pictures of the reunion!!

The kids had alot of fun doing the activities that Cousins Monica and Rachel had for them....
 story time with cousin Oleda... :)

Cute little guy...

Games, games and more games... oh whoops and puzzles..

Brooklyn  is definitely in love with the grandparents.. This is PaPa, her hero for sure.

Reunions tire a boy out? Nah.

This little/big guy is such a cutie!! And he's got some pretty cool parents!!


So since our was actually present at this reunion this time, we decided to take some snapshots.. ..

Everybody is looking pretty normal here.. seems to be some problems in the middle there... Baby Kendall attacking Brooklyn's hair. PaPa feeling a little overwhelmed with the whole ordeal..:) Carter totally not thinking the whole "sister's shoes on my head" thing is very cool at all.

And here we are.. The Wengerds..  There is the mom and dad (in the middle) The three older sisters with their husbands.. and 7 yrs later there was the boy whom i married,, So that girl its me. And then out popped 7 boys and then 3 girls and lastly a boy.. and that makes up the Wengerd family... :)
The only picture i got of grandma and grandpa.. Posing with cousin Duane and his beautiful family...

We stayed at Curtis' cousin's house while we were there.. they were wonderful hosts.. Brooklyn had fun playing with Corral.. They are close in age.. What a little cutie pie...

On the way home we just had to swing by Gwen and Tyson' place. They got married over a year ago and Tyson took her away from the great south...:( :) It was great to see where they live, and her cute growing belly:)

They were great hosts as well. We had a fun time. 

And thus ended our trip.... 

Hope you enjoyed. 

Good week to you.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Thought this was super cute...

Little cousin trying to push big cousin....

Yup, you can definitely tell she is a girl when it comes to shoes..... And a lot of other things too...

And what do we have here?? Daddy's shoes? laying in the middle of the kitchen floor? Filled with fruit loops? Only Brooklyn....

And.. HERE'S YOUR SIGN!-- (well mine at least)

 The children enjoy playing with letters on  the fridge. One day they had a chair pulled over and somehow ended up with those two letters plain as day... "NO"........ Not sure if Carter was trying to tell me no.. Or what, but i took it as a no for me digging into the freezer for those yummy bars or ice cream. :)

And yes, that would be a shoe on one foot and an oven mitt on the other foot... :) silly girl..

I hope you are having an awesome week thus far. I'm sitting here with paint splattered hands.... I finally begun painting the bathroom yesterday..And, well, lets just say blah. I know I'll enjoy the finished product... but the sanding, the priming, the taping, the edging - blek. Call me lazy? Over eager for finished product with out any hard work? I don't know. Something like that probably.

Good day.