Monday, June 27, 2011


We kept the party low key this year due to lots of busyness and an upcoming trip. We had just the 4 of us here to celebrate. I did a 30 second cake this year. Which required quickly piping on some icing and slapping on a couple dinosaurs. The 4 yr old was delighted. 
 The 4 year old himself..

The 2 birthday boys...


So exciting!!:)

Much to Curtis' delight we then piled 27 candles on for him to blow out.....

blow daddy, blow!! Brooklyn kept waving her hands around saying "hot, hot" ....:)

Enjoying the cake and ice cream...

 Him and his gifts...
I still can't believe i was OK with us getting him a snake. Now its slithering all over. I know it's fake, but still!!! :)

She doesn't care about the gifts.. just hand over the gift bags and no one will get hurt. :) She carries them around like purses.. 

It was a fun evening indeed. I love my little family very, very much!!

These summer days

This is how we do it. Eat corn that is. I kind of have a tradition every year of taking pics of the munchkins chomping away on their ear of corn.

This is the first year that Carter ate it this way. At first we thought he was trying to be a dog... Then we discovered he just didn't want to get his hands messy. 

 Brooklyn got pretty serious about it.. gnawing away to her heart's content. And no she wasn't just swimming. She is wearing her swim suit just cuz she really really wanted to. Life with little girls and clothing is turning out to be quite interesting I'm finding out.

I'm sure there is an easier way to do this! :)

Summer days just wear you out!!! 

Love her little determined look here...

After getting Carter's 4 yr pictures taken the other day i rewarded them with some Popsicles. They were  quite impressed!!

Hello sunshine!! This sunflower grew from our birdseed!!!! 

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Birthday time is here......

The men of the house get older!!

One is real excited about it.. the other is getting less and less excited as each year rolls around. :)
On Tuesday~
Carter is turning 4

And his daddy is turning 27

Curtis' 23rd b-day, Carter just born!!

That nurse with the scissors freaks me out everytime i see this picture. :)

Daddy 24, Carter 1

25 and 2

And here we have 26 and 3!!

We didn't plan it this way in any way shape or form.. But Carter was indeed born on his daddy's birthday. It was quite the day if you ask me!! :) But.. wow!- four years already? I almost can't remember it all!! Go ahead and read this birth story i wrote a while back... on Carter's first birthday i believe.

I'm one that enjoys hearing other ladies' stories of labor and delivery. So i decided to sit down and tell ya all about mine. Minus a few details I'm sure the blogging world would rather not hear. It is very hard to believe that this all happened one year ago!! I'll see if i can remember everything--If you are one that hates details, long paragraphs, etc. then please skip all this. I never said you HAD to read it.......:)

Well, i was one that thought i was going to be over due. My mom and sister both were so i just figured i would be also. Almost 2 weeks before my due date, the Dr. decided to induce me at 39 wks because Carter was looking like he was going to be a big baby. They set up the date for me to come in June 30th... So i had everything written down that i was going to do that week. Curtis' birthday was Thursday, June 28th so i was going to have his parents over for one of his favorite meals (chicken enchiladas and p-nut butter pie). That night we were going to move our changing table in the nursery. On Friday i was going to clean the house, make sure the baby room was totally ready and then that evening we were going to practice our breathing techniques that we had learned about in Lamaze.

So here is all went on hours before my water broke. First off we sang at an old folks home at 7:00, from there we headed to Curtis' ball game. The game lasted till 9 or so. After that we headed to Wal-mart to buy an onion and cream of mushroom soup for Curtis' birthday meal. We also purchased a couple magazines for something to read while i was in labor that coming Saturday. Ok so after Wal-mart we headed to Burger King for supper. Got home a little before 11... and crashed. I remember Curtis being totally worn out and falling asleep just like that. I of course did what any other 9 month pregnant lady does.. Toss and turn,use the restroom, toss and turn some more, worry, etc. At around midnight i got up to use the restroom for probably the third time that night. The moment i stood up i like freaked out because i thought i was peeing myself. Seconds later it hit me what was happening.... Was that really my water breaking...?!!? I went out in the living room and was pacing around, got out the labor and delivery book to read and make sure that was what was happening. I didn't want to wake Curtis unless it was the real thing!! After realizing it was indeed that.. i went into the room, tapped Curtis on the shoulder and said " Honey, i hate to wake you up, but i think my water just broke.... and by the way Happy Birthday!!!" :) He laid there for a little letting it soak in and then said " Do you feel the cord?" We were told in Lamaze class that if your water breaks and you feel the cord to bend over and call 911 immediately!! I just thought it was kinda funny that that was the first thing that came to his mind. Anyhow well, he jumped up and started running around getting stuff together.. We were only partly packed. He was getting the carseat, reading the manual figuring out how you strap it in, reminding me to put chapstick in the bag(another Lamaze thing--- take chapstick along --you lips will get dry when in labor!!-is what they said) ..... Well while he is running around doing that stuff, i got into a major laughing fit. So there i was laughing VERY loudly and my husband is like "umm, honey is everything ok?" And i say (over and over again) in between the loud laughs--" I just didn't picture it happening this way!!" Duh, Alyssa. Well, we got left.. and as we were headed down the road, Curtis turns on the light and pulls out the Labor and delivery book and says "Could you look in there and read about the breathing techniques?" So there we were 1:00 AM driving down the empty roads, on the way to the hospital, reading about different ways to breath when you're in labor.

Well, we arrive at the hospital around 1 something. They ask me if i am having contractions..I say no. Later she tells me i having actually pretty big ones.. And I say "Oh that's what that is!!"(the very yucky feeling i'd been having all that day!!) Around 6 AM they give me PIT to make stuff happen faster. I was having big contractions just a couple minutes apart...... Ok so to make a long story a little bit shorter....... i took nubane, that wore off, then finally around 3 pm i asked for an epidural........... by 6:30 they were like ok things are taking too long. They prepped me for a c-section....and wheeled me into the operating room. And at 7:03 PM..Carter Monroe(weighing 7 lbs 10 ozs) entered the world.. Not at all how we expected it, but that didn't matter one bit.. We had a healthy little boy and that's all that mattered!!!!! I finally did get to hold Carter around 11:00 that night. Don't remember too much of it, i was pretty much drugged up.

So anyhow that pretty much sums up how Carter was born. I still think it is neat how he came on Curtis' birthday!!! Curtis will say that, that was his best birthday yet. Hopefully he gets to spend this Birthday a little bit more relaxed..........;)

Wow... If you made it through that story, then good for you!!

Tonight, after church, we are going to celebrate their birthdays.

The birthdays of my two favorite guys..- Now that is worth celebrating if you ask me! :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Little girl organization...

Its a thundery, rainy afternoon. There is only, well lets see.. one million things for me to do around this house... And all i feel like doing is blogging. Blogging- You say?  Yes, that is my idea of chillaxin'.. And when i reeaallly want to relax i just read blogs.

I'm very excited about what the future holds for this little girl. 
Or should i say.. What the future holds for me...

I see days of me sitting back and ummm... blogging? while she puts a away dishes, organizes, etc. She is gong to be good at it. Someday. 

Untill then i might get a few extra grey hair(don't have any yet, but sure they'll come some day!!)

She gets in her head what she is going to do and then she does it.... Like this time when she emptied the whole cupboard into this washbasket. The wash basket was across the room. She diligently went about her work till everything was out of the cupboard. 

I'll find bathroom supplies in the kitchen cupboard. Dishwasher detergent packets stuffed anywhere possible. And we wont mention the many, many things we've found in the trash.  Or any of mommy's,, umm stuff we found in the toy box. :)Right now i can not find my silverware holder for the dishwasher. And several other kitchen utensils as well. 

She's been known to pick up every. single. toy. in the living room. And then walk over to her big brother and try to swipe his toy away and put it away too.

Yes, the future looks bright. A helper to help me thoroughly clean up.

Organize your spices for ya? Sure mom, I'd love to!!! 

So you say to me why not put door keeper shutters on your cupboards?
I don't know why, but i guess thats just not the type of mom i am! 

Good day to all. Reality is setting in... lots to do and so little time to do it!! 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

i'm stuck on you(kettle)...

You never know these days what they(the youngsters) are going to do next............ 

While cooking the other week i smelled something burning...

? Hmmm?.. Must be me spilling something on the hot burner... AGAIN?

While i was washing dishes i came across this-

Note to self: From now on always check out bottom of kettle before cooking......

Poor, poor Dinoco sticker.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Following His lead........

Well they are off now to the far away land of Canada...........

You can pray for my Sister Trina her husband Mike and their 3 wonderful kiddos.. Andre, Kristin and Kylie. They are going to be serving the Lord at Northern Youth Programs for 2 years and a couple months........

And yup, that feels awfully far away and long at this point..BUT i know it'll fly.

So glad to see them take this step of faith though.

Oh,and while your at it pray for me.. I'm going to miss daily phone calls with my sister.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

When Surpise boxes arrive...

Last week we had a surprise.. One that the mailman dropped off at our doorstep.. A box full of goodies.. Just for Carter and Brooklyn.. From their great grandparents (aka Pappy and Mammy)... 

It was super fun for me letting them dig into it right after they woke from their naps.. Sometimes the whole part between waking from naps, between supper and and waiting till daddy comes home is my least favorite part of the day.......

If you give this boy anything Thomas he's thrilled to pieces:)

This was a very neat gift. A recordable Thomas book. Pappy recorded the story. He listens to it alot. I'll often over hear him saying "Pappy, read!" if the story isn't starting out right away... :) Or at the end when they tell him goodnight he'll say "Goodnight" back.. Or if he isn't ready to go to sleep he says "No, I'm not going to bed yet. " It's like he thinks he is actually talking to Pappy. So cute. :)

 I thought it was funny that he just so happened to have the Alaska shirt on they got him  the other year when they went... :)

He had lots of fun showing Brooklyn her stuff.....

A book? With kitties? She loves it!!!

Give this girl fruit snacks (or a cookie.. notice cookie crumbs on face) and she's happy as a lark!! :)

Thank-you Pappy and Mammy for thinking of your great grands and sending a box our way!! They loved it and Carter is still talking about it!!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Whew.. Summer is here.Totally. In full swing.
I'm beginning to wonder why we do this to ourselves. Why do we fill up our lives with all this stuff? So much to the point that we can barely enjoy ourselves? I'm wondering where the sitting on the front porch, sipping on lemonade comes in..... Does that happen anymore? Or are we all sipping away on our FREE strawberry lemonade from Mc d's (free because of  couponing) while we are rushing here and there..... And btw in my opinion they aren't all that they are talked up to be. So don't get one unless you have a coupon for a free one. :)

Anyhow.. My goal next week is to say no a little bit more maybe. We will see:) I do love the feeling after a summer day... The feeling of being. dead. tired... falling into bed feeling like you accomplished something that day. Ohh yes.. i do only love that feeling if i am able to sleep the whole night through and not be getting up too often with a teething/sick child......But that is another story for another day.

One day this week we spent our day doing corn.

We had some willing helpers. this is the first year that Carter is actually, truly helping :)

NO need to cook the stuff... its good either way!!

He LOVED finding worms in the corn.. Definitely a boy!! ..

Little cousin Caitlyn holding her ear of corn. Brooklyn gave it to her and said "Bite?"

In the flower department here there is more happiness abounding...

Someday i will show you the actual flower beds....... :)

Happy summer time to each one of you!! May you be blessed with lots of sunshine and nice pool to cool down in!!! :)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Friends for as long as i can remember... ( and i can remember pretty far back)

Ok, so its high time for another update on my life. I'm going to go ahead and give you one now. Don't know how its going to go though.. I am currently suffering from a 2 week tooth ache.... That only began after i had a filling filled..... yuck! And some where along the line i got this nasty sore throat going on......... Oh whoops.. I'm complaining?Sorry. I'll shut up now.

This update on my life is going to tell you about time i spent with 2 wonderful friends of mine!! Let me tell you,,, there is nothing like getting to spend time with friends you've known all your life. It doesn't matter if you haven't seen them for awhile.. You can get together and pick up right where you left off...

We grew up together...
Had sleep overs...
Milked cows...
Spent Sunday afternoons together...
Did many, many youth things together...
Two of us even had a crush on the same guy for a couple years.. :) Neither of us got him then. Ended up another childhood friend did.. :)

A few months ago, Krystal and Mike and their two adorable kiddos made the move down here. Its pretty awesome having my friend from home living 5 minutes away from me!!

Amy, her husband Byran and their cute little munchkin live in OH... And its not very often that we are visiting in PA at the same time...

Krystal and I were excited to hear that Amy and Byran were passing through SC and wanted to stop in to see us!!! :)

On a side not here... If you are ever passing thru SC.. WE LOVE GETTING COMPANY:)

Here are some pics of our fun little evening....
Xavier 1, Brooklyn 1, Carter 3, Savannah 3, Mason 1

Let the drama begin..... :)

Poor little Mason..... And Sigh!.. You gotta love 3 yr olds...:)

I just got the thought that maybe poor little Mason was only wishing HE was the one sitting beside that brown haired cutie over there beside Xavier. Xavier sure looks proud of the fact..:)

The visitors.. worn out from driving all night.
The Wii was a hit.. Wish you could have seen the men dancing.:)

Amy, Me, Krystal...

Hope you are all blessed with a great day!! I'm going to keep popping the Advil and possibly make a trip back to- glory of all glories - The dentist.

My Mom and little sister are going to be around this weekend. That makes me happiness abound within.

Be blessed today!