Friday, April 29, 2011

a little post with little kids and a little chair.......

Always gives me a little smile when i see little tikes on this little chair. (enough with the littles? ok.i'll try.)

I know it doesn't take much to amuse me. I don't get out much you see. I'm a stay-at-home mom.
But maybe you'll get a little amusement out of these as well.

Just keep in mind that the chair is LITTLE.. My children are getting big but they aren't as huge as they could appear on this little chair.

May your weekend be more then just a little bit grand!!

p.s. Thank-you Pappy and Mammy for the little chair.. As you can see they are still loving it!!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

fun fondue!

Ahhh.. Dates! They are even more fun now then when we were dating..:)

We had a little splurge of a date the other night. We have been wanting to try out The Melting Pot for a long time.. I saved up a little extra cash and so we just decided to go ahead and try it. So laying all thoughts of "we could have had 3 dates for the price of this" or "bought more landscaping paraphernalia" we headed in that direction.

Can we all just pause for a second and say YUM!!?? The food was scrumptious,, partly because i left myself practically starve the first part of the day so i could eat more that night. :)

First course was a cheese dip...
Then came the salad...

Granny smith apple in fiesta cheese dip? Really? can't see why people like that!!

Third course was the meat and veggies.. He got steak i got chicken...  You could dip it in the batter then the oil, then after its cooked in the different sauces......

The best part(in our opinion) came last.. We were totally stuffed by this point, but somehow made room. 
Dark chocolate fondue...
With all of this to dip in it..
pound cake
rice krispie

Lest you think our evening was totally all "high class" -- we ended our date shopping at Wal-mart... :)
What can i say?
I love my man!
I'll leave it that so i don't give anyone a queasy stomach!!! :)

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Happy Weekend to All..
So glad my Savior is ALIVE....
Thank-you Jesus for hanging there on that cross for me.

These pictures remind me a little bit of maybe how I would look on the inside if i didn't have Christ living in me....


And most likely just a tad bit unhappy...

So glad i made the choice to have Him in my life and that i can be whiter then snow.....

HE IS RISEN!! Hallelujah!

* On a side note.. these 2 sure had fun in the mud the other night... it sure took awhile to get them cleaned up too!!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

A sweet treat....

If you love this combo- Peanut butter and chocolate.

And if you love these things- Bars.

Then I'm thinking you ought to whip up a batch or 2 of - Peanut Butter Finger Bars.

This, dear ones, is something you won't regret doing when you look back on your life.

Peanut butter finger bars
    1/2 c. butter                                 1/2 tsp. salt
    1/2 c. sugar                                  1/2 tsp.vanilla
    1/2 c. packed brown sugar           1 c.flour
     1 egg                                           1 c. quick cooking oats
     1/3 c. peanut butter                   
     1/2 tsp. soda
     1 c. semi-sweet choc. chips (i dump in the whole bag, thank-you)

Cream butter; add sugar and cream well. Blend in egg, pnut butter, soda, salt and vanilla.  Add flour and quick-cooking oats.Then add choc. chips. Mix thoroughly. Spread in greased 13x9 in. pan(i double the batch and put it in a big pan as shown in pic). Bake at 350 for 20 minutes or so. *Do not over bake*

After you retrieve it from the oven, drizzle this wonderful mix on top.
1/2. powdered sugar
1/4 c. peanut butter
2-4 tbsp. milk

Enjoy! Enjoy!

Making these bars will benefit you in 3 ways.

1. Your children can't help but show their sweetest side when you hand them a treat like this.
2. Your hubby may just give out extra kisses for making something soooo sweet.
3. And last but not least.. it will help you out with your self discipline. You see, if you are having trouble with self discipline in areas like wanting to eat yummy things when you shouldn't ..and you make these.. and you allow your self to eat only one.. That, my friends, is a positive step towards self discipline. :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Urgent supper idea!!!

If you haven't tried these yet... Well YOU NEED to!!
These were thee absolute best homemade chicken tacos i've ever tasted indeed!!

And go ahead.. Fry them in the oil... just like she says..
It's not going to kill ya.. well, at least not this one time!!

Make them as soon as you possibly can.. and let me know what you think!

family time!

Had a delightful time last weekend with 6 extra females in the house. We tried to keep the drama to a minimum for Curtis and Carter's sake. :)

I don't appreciate all the miles in between us, but it sure does make the time we spend together extra special!!

This is where i walk........ down a quiet, sandy road. 

 Pushing a stroller (double at that!!) down the sandy road is a work out  in itself!!

Grandma's right hand boy..
 I have a couple friends who can't believe i walk down this road.. all alone... :) I try not to look at it as scary.. just peaceful. :)

Posing after our walk...

Landscaping is a process.... hopefully it gets completed one day.

My cousin and bestest of friend!! :)

She might be the baby of the family, but she makes for a wonderful aunt!!!:) 

Carter took this picture of my neice Kylie...

Story time with Christa...

Memories made ....
Good food eaten...

I love my family!!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Take me out to the ball game...

 There is excitement in the air!
Hubby is super duper excited!

There is a picture of the Brave's opening day line up on the background of our computer.
A great line up I've heard.

I'm excited for him.. Although i may not follow it completely, i usually ask these questions.
Who are they playing?
Who is winning?
And then- Who won?
And sometimes right after that.. And you who did you say they were playing again? (i have a short memory or bad listening skills sometimes:))

So we could say i am a half ways fan. Really know know nothing about it at all but sorta act interested in it for hubby's sake.

One thing i do enjoy is going to real live game!!!!!! There is something fun about dressing up like a fan, buying some food and then sitting there and watching the fans.... Oh you go to watch the game? Yeah i watch it some too... but most of the time the fans. They intrique me. Not just because they are fans, but because they are people. I like to watch people. And i think hubby enjoys the company when i go with him, even if don't go all out with the cheering and everything.:)

I'm pretty sure we are going to try to take Carter to his first real live game sometime this year! The Braves are supposed to have a real good season, you know. I'm excited!

I still say if we ever are at a Braves vs. Phillies game.. I'd have to cheer for the Phillies. I'm sorry, i couldn't help it. It's just in my blood.:)

And what do you know after visiting the official site of the Braves (my hubby would be proud of me that i was there :) ) I see that the Phillies are playing the Braves starting today through Sunday! (Now i already know who is playing the next 3 days!! I can just ask him who won!) :)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

sunny with a cone

I'll scream. You'll scream.

We'll ALL scream for ICECREAM!!

What could be better then four kiddos eating icecream cones in the warm afternoon sun?
And knowing that nap time is just around the corner?
Nothing i tell you.
Such fun these four are!
Carter and his friend Zach are 7 months apart.
Brooklyn and her friend Makenna are 4 weeks apart.
And believe it or not they play more then fight. :)

*I spy wash hanging out. Anybody else? Whoever spies it first wins an icecream cone!:)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Time well spent.....

Weekend get-a-ways are just what every one needs once in awhile...
We took off for Hilton Head last weekend with-
our grass knee high(almost)
our landscaping part way done
and many other projects that are begging to be done.....
But we bravely ignored them all and headed away for a weekend of sun and fun family time.

We got the sun and fun and... guess what?
The grass waited for us..
the landscaping decided to wait for us too...
And the projects said "its ok, we will try to hang on a little longer"

What I'm trying to say is... Everyone needs a little time away every once in awhile. Some good old fashioned, hang out with your family, fun getaway time.
But the problem today is we always have all of these excuses.
A big one is money..
Second big one is time..
Think those are pretty much the main ones.
Sometimes we need to compromise, people.
Like say, we originally wanted to head to Fla.. For 4 days.
Money was looking kinda bleakish and time wasn't looking any better.
So we decided on Hilton Head (closer) and only 2 days (cheaper and saves time)
And we still had an enjoyable time!!

Enough on that rant.. Want to see pics from our time?  :) I can see some grandmothers raising their hands!!:)

We rented bikes.. This island is great for biking.. trails all over it or you can bike along the beach.. The kids sat in the back there so cute, like.. They loved every minute of it.. or should i say every hour of it.?

Notice the crazy northerners running around in the water..:)  It had to be COLD!!

Carter was soooo excited about going to the beach..

Brooklyn wasn't quite as sure at first... but then she did get into it and was constantly on the move from there on out... thinking that everyone at the beach was one big happy family.. not afraid to "talk" to anybody or invade their personal space...:)

There were Jelly fish all over. Carter was quite intrigued with them.. Asking all kinds of questions, etc. The next day We heard him telling Brooklyn.
"Those are Fish Jelly's.. They are kinda like jelly, but they are not yummy!" :)

The finished sand castle!!!

Anybody want some Ice Cream?
hmmm, maybe its time for nippy to go when little girl takes it out to say "cheese" for the picture!! :)

 Some of the coolest trees ever...

If your heart swells up real big for this picture its OK.. mine did too:)

Well, its Monday here... and time to get back to real life.........
Oh and if you decide to go ahead and take that little family get-a-way..
Please decide also to ask someone to take a family picture of you all..
If you decide not to you might wish you did it later.....

Here is one last picture(of our motel).. And proof that i was on the trip as well....