Monday, March 28, 2011

organization-- or the lack there of......

Hmmm, Maybe you are the type whose closets are always neatly arranged. Nothing ever out of place. Never. ever.
Maybe you are one of the lucky ones who has many decent size closets, an attic, a basement.. everything always stowed away right where it belongs.
And when it comes time to find it you walk right where it is located....pull it right out.. And not even strain a muscle.
Yay for you if you are one of those.

Me, on the other hand, am not.
There is no attic, no basement, no spare rooms in our house....... So the closet does it all. Right now Carter's closet holds...
wrapping paper
christmas decor
curtis' bass guitar amp
my sewing machine
and whatever else i can squeeze in there.
I only know all this because i just cleaned it out the other day.

Not only is my space lacking.. I am also lacking(in the organized realm of things). :)
The stuff in my closets is always shifting, moving.. ever changing.Stuff falling way down, down in the cracks where i can't find them.
Take for instance this scenario.
We have overnight guests over. Everything is all in place.. i just got to make the bed yet. (i had a busy day people!!) I say let me just go to the closet and pull out the sheets real quick and make your bed so you can rest your weary, tired selves. I say this calmly, but underneath I'm freaking out.. Thinking things like "Lord, please let those sheets be somewhere in that closet!!" I dig, YAY! The fitted sheet is right there in plain sight.... several more feet down i find the top sheet.. Whew.. deeper and deeper i dig.. pillow case number one is found... Finally, after nearly standing on my head.. WAY back in the corner i come across the second pillow case. I emerge from the closet 10 minutes later... looking like I've been through it all .. And the closet looks like its been through even worse....
There has got to be a better way for all of this!
One month ago or so my older sister was bursting with excitement when she was telling me about how she had read about a way to keep sheet sets together.  Boy, was i equally as excited!!! She said something to this effect "I just CAN'T wait to get home and do that with all my sheet sets!!!!"  Believe me people, time changes things. Ten years ago we would not have been discussing this. Well, maybe her... but i would have got bored with it quickly!!
So anyhow.. I waited about a month.. When one day i got in the mood to organize.. This mood does not come often and when it does show up i have to work fast before it leaves!!
So, yes i went ahead and gathered up my little sheet set from the depths of the closet....

I folded it and stuffed all of it in the one pillow case that it goes with......

Then i stacked it there a top the blankets...

There, there little sheet set.. You may be sitting on top a pile of horribly folded blankets, but you shall never get lost from your set again....(Hey now!- there is more then one reason i never tried applying for a job at a department store... I'm not a good folder!)

Thursday, March 24, 2011


On most mornings you will find me partaking in several things....
Most definitely this...

And a nice size dollop of this, if its present in my house...

Followed up by this.....

Three things that are so easy to make sure i have..
Because i enjoy them..
Because they get my day off to a good start(i like to think)...
In between all this you'll also find me...
trying to do as many things as possible before the little ones wake up.

Too often i take the time for the above...
And not NEAR enough time with this....

Which truly is something i need.. And above all else will get my day started in the right direction. 
Priorities. Why is it they get all switched around and backwards sometimes?

 I need to stop, take the time.. spend some time alone with God..BEFORE i start my million things for the day. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Loving this....

My 2 are awake from their afternoon naps they did or didn't take. They are munching away on a snack of pretzels, marshmallows and chocolate chips. Carter is playing with Play-doh... Which has turned into Trains... Percy and Thomas to be exact.

The weather is PeRfEcT around here lately. If you can get past all the pollen and all the sneezing and wheezing... It warms up to 80 something. Not too hot, not too cold. And then the evenings cool down a tad, and a jacket feels just right. LOVE it.

My kiddos love it too...The hot part anyhow. 'Cuz this is when Mommy says yes to the the beggings of water!! :)

Another thing  I love about spring... The freshness of flowers..... Crisp and fresh.. Several months from now the hotness will overtake my flowers and they won't look so excited about life.

I got a little excited while at a greenhouse the other day. Purchased a whole flat of perannials and such.. Uhhh, i don't even have any flower beds yet!!!  We do plan on working on some this weekend though... So i guess i'm not too far ahead of myself... Brooklyn enjoys carrying them all around.. who knows if they'll survive till their planting day.
Well the snacks are gone, i hear fighting and supper is asking to be made...

Saturday, March 19, 2011

visitors who came and those who didn't and wild hogs.

We had some special visitors this week. On Tuesday my Mammy called and said they would be at our place in an hour! It sure is fun having last minute company. Pappy, Mammy and Alexia pulled in an hour later in their big camper (tamper, or pamper is what Carter called it). It was fun being able to visit and hang out with them for more then just a couple hours!

Carter and Brooklyn sure enjoyed all the spoiling they received.:) Carter spent both nights out in the camper... He thought he was SO cool sleeping " in the kitchen". The second night he was yelling out in his sleep they said... We figured he must have been dreaming. Later that morning he told me that "i was scared of that skunk last night":)

sitting around talking.. watching Curtis eat his late supper

Pappy and Carter

Pappy, Mammy and Carter
Out in the camper.. eating breakfast.. Brooklyn, Alexia, Carter and Pappy

They left Thursday morning and that evening my sister, her 2 daughters and my mom were going to come for the weekend. Sadly things don't always go as planned. My niece was pretty sick with some for virus or something and ended up dehydrated and hospitalized......... So i am wishing they are here.. And praying for a full recovery soon for my sweet, blue-eyed dramatic niece Kristin.:)
Meanwhile, my hubby is hunting hogs tonight. We are out of sausage, you know.:) HA. OK, so if you know me at all.. then you know i don't like any kind of wild meat... Don't much like any meat, for that matter:). I do like chicken pretty good. And burgers.. As long as i can't taste too much burger.. Char the thing please. We have this little joke( my husband and i do).. Or maybe its just me...:) Whenever he goes out hunting.. I always say.. "Have fun..!!But please don't get anything!!" (i really do want him to have fun,, just don't want the meat) Oh, shoot i forgot to tell him that his time!!!:) But really would YOU eat this? Just some food for thought. 

Nite All!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

A post in which there is wash hanging outside........

Some days i feel like I'm being green.
Some days i feel like I'm making the electric bill lower.
And some days i just feel down right redneck.:)

 A person's gotta do what they gotta do, when there is no wash line present! This weather has been GORGEOUS!! Making any person WANT to hang wash outside.. Until yesterday when i noticed a yellowish/green film over everything. Pollen time is here. Sure don't like pollen time!

Ahhhh, notice that blue sky and green grass above... sure do love SC this time of the year!!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011


So you know how it goes..It's Sunday morning.. You've been rushing around the whole morning... You finally have everybody dressed, you are combing your hair and after that have a few moments to spare (a few moments to spare?.. OK so that's not soo normal!!) You glance down at your 2 little angels,,, one is galloping around with a giraffe.. the other wailing loudly at your leg. And it hits you...! AWWW,, they are matching.. They look sooo cute..We gotta get a picture!!  So you act all excited and tell them to sit down,, in front of the fire place!! They listen. Wow. Then you tell big brother to stick his arm around his sister.. He listens. Maybe a little too good:)
He says"can i have my giraffe in the pic? You say sure!!
You are now down to 2 minutes until departure time.. the children are losing patience fast...!! You keep saying "say cheese" over and over really excitedly!!
Brother got the "say cheese" memo here!!

Your camera memory card is full!! You hurry delete some pics as fast as humanly possible and snap a few more...
he would rather stroke giraffe,, and she thinks the camera is little bit cool here...

 You try for one last shot of your two angels. Your little boy just seems to be far away in jungle land or maybe the zoo. Your little girl gives in and gives a cheesy grin.
 Then off you fly to church... Where you enjoy a morning of hearing great things from the Word..... And dealing with some naughty munchkins(those munchkins are your own of course).........

Oh and the green in the boy's vest is the same green that is in the girl's dress. In case you were wondering how they match and all.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Gotta love them! (yard sales)

Yard sale time is here again. There is something exhilarating about yard sales. You just never know what you are going to find when you head out to other people's houses and such. 

I love people that have nice stuff and are trying to get rid of it. Like, you know, selling it for real cheap!! I don't ask for much, i know.:)

I also love my husband that is willing(and enjoys) hunting down the yard sales and yardsaling as well. Well, I'd love him even if he didn't like it, but its an added bonus! 

Yesterday we ventured out and really didn't end up finding a ton of stuff.. some toys, Tupperware, sprinklers, this and that, etc. 

Another thing i like about Yardsales- It's kinda like having Christmas all over for the kiddos. Sadly, i'm not too good at saving things for later birthdays and such. I just get too excited. There have been a few times where i did save something, and i must say i was quite proud of myself. 

For a total of Fifty cents Brooklyn now gets to experience life with triplets.

she looks a little bit frazzled here.. don't quite blame her:)

 Carter got quite a few toys....
He just r.e.a.l.l.y. was hoping for a toy 'puter. He has been longing for a computer of his own for weeks already. Hello.Kids these days. I'm sure i wouldn't have even known what a computer was at his age. Did they even exist then??  He was very bummed out that we didn't find one when yardsaling.
He was also desperate to find Annie and Clarabelle (Thomas the Tank Engine trains).
And was sad that we didn't discover them at any body's house.
For a dollar he now has Dinoco and 'Mator. These he was excited about!

Sad news for us- Our 6 yr old camera is on the blink. Notice the blurry pic above.
And after hearing banging from our room, Hubby just came out and said our DVD player is on the blink. (he was banging on it trying to get it to function).
 Maybe its time to go electronic free for awhile or head out and buy some new electronics.

In case you didn't notice, the paragraph above has nothing to do with yard sales.. just something that's on my mind.

Gotta run. Hope you are having a happy Sunday!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

cabin time!

Still feels like I'm suffering from a hang over. Not that i know what hang overs feel like. I'm not used to late night hanging out at cabins anymore. Think i must be getting old.

It was a fun weekend. It has been years( 6 yrs i think) since i got to go the Burkholder cabin. This would be my cousins on my Mom's side.

Can you all see this cabin? Good! 
For some reason there was 4 vehicles wandering around on a small rd,, late at night,,,trying and trying to find THE cabin!! Finally there was flashlights shone down in the woods and the cabin was found. There was no lights on and almost impossible to see from the rd. The ones that came later, after the lights were on or in the daylight... thought those of us that were wandering were a little off our rockers. But.. all is well...:)

We also had to haul all.of.our.stuff. down the snow covered hill into to the cabin since it was too snowy to drive down in.
Can anyone tell I'm not the adventurous type?:)
playing with play-doh!!

cousin time, play-doh time
Highlights from the cabin:
Getting to see my cousins and hangout with them for more then just a couple minutes!!
Playing a few games with Aunts, cousins, Mom,Grandma, and Step-Grandpa Bob!
Eating lots of yummy food.

Down side to the cabin:
Having an extremely unhappy/sick/teething lil girl.
Sleeping in a room that if your lil girl would wake up the noise would carry very easily and wake up the other 30 people there. (which did happen)

My sister holding my baby cousin,,, me holding none other then my daughter. 

Then the trip home wasn't the greatest trip we ever had!
A trip that usually takes 10-12 hrs..
Took us 14 hours...
It was raining like crazy the.whole.entire.time pretty much...
We had a flat tire.
Saw many wrecks..
We were so thankful to be home safe and sound!!

I told Curtis i think i age 3 years after a trip like that. :)

Well, there is much to be done around here.... Feels like I'm just 2 steps behind everything. This is the last  place i should be sitting, but sort of wanted/needed a break. 

Happy Wednesday!

Quote of the day:
"Remind me to never have any children"... (this is what one of my cousins said to their mom after having spent all weekend with my children) :)