Monday, February 21, 2011

Perfect Weekend!!

I love weekends. And at the end of most of them I usually end up saying that it was a perfect weekend. But last weekend.. Well, it was just extra PERFECT. Probably the weather helped make it that way. And then we had nothing too much on the agenda. I was actually pretty much lazy if you want to call it that. Didn't even finish cleaning my house, etc.

Like i said the weather was wonderful....
Don't think i totally realized it till we headed out to play Friday noon.

i think she looks like a model on these..
They crack me up with their sunglasses....
Big brother is more then willing to pose these days..When i have the camera out i often am hearing...."take a picture of me!!!"

That evening i spruced up the back porch a bit and we ate a yummy supper out there. We stayed out there till dark and played with the kiddos. Racing around the yard and playing in the sand box. I bet they thought we were the coolest parents ever!!:)

Saturday eve. we took off for the park. Ate some wonderful Fire House Subs there and then let the children play and play. I only got a pic of one thing. The thing that took (and always takes) the longest....
Carter eating.
Any advice on a v.e.r.y. s.l.o.w. eater would be appreciated!!!:)

Sunday morning was of course  church. Always have a good time there!!
Sunday afternoon the kiddos both took LONG naps. I read 2 magazines, dozed, etc.. ahhhh it was blissful!
OK so at this point (by Sunday eve) we would have probably been into going and hanging out with someone other then our own family.. but at the same time we were feeling lazy, remember? Or i was at least! I decided not to spruce up my house and not call and invite someone over. AND no one invited us....:) So we had another enjoyable evening with just our little family......

I whipped up our famous egg sandwiches for supper.
We took turns playing candyland with Carter.

Brooklyn enjoyed playing with crayons...

We read books.
Even danced to some music that Carter insisted we danced to.(we really should win the cool parent award!!:))And sorry no pictures of that!

 I'm loving the age of our two right now.

All in all it was a delightful weekend. I'm hoping you and yours had the same.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Yes, we would have missed these!!!

What a little corker my daughter is!!!

From now on we are going to blame anything thats missing on her!:)

How to make play-doh...

So maybe you've made this millions of times before. But making play-doh was a first for me today.
I was kinda desperate for something different for my 3 yr old to do. So i called my mom up and asked her for the recipe. She is a play-doh making pro, you know.:)

 First off you need
2 cups flour
2 Tablespoons vegetable oil
1 cup salt
4 tsp. cream of tarter
2 cups water.

 Combine it all in a kettle.
Add the food coloring of your choice.
Carter's pick was "blue. No green. No, i guess just blue... Wait,,, wait.. I want GREEN!!"
So green it was:)

Set your stove top to medium and stir non stop. 
Stir until it is very thick.
Or until your hand falls off. 
Dump it on your counter. Allow it to cool, while you dig in your cupboard for some spearmint extract. 
This is so it smells nice and good....
You, know so your 15 month old will want to keep trying to eat it.
The last step is to kneed it real good and then hand it over to the chillin's.
They will be very impressed and play with it for hours on end. 
OK maybe not hours on end. I was impressed with how long my "short attention span son" spent playing with it though!!

From the time i called my mom for the recipe till they  were able to play with it- was less then 20 minutes. No joke. It doesn't take long at all!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

The start of this blog/ all about my Valentine's Day

OK so starting a blog is something I've wanted to do in like a really long time.
I love reading other blogs and well, at times wonder if I'm addicted. But then i think,, well, no of course not!! It's my chance(as a stay at home mom) to see a little bit of the outside world. 

So here we go. 

My first post.

On my very first blog.

And then i say ? 

What to write?

Well, maybe i'll start out by telling you about Valentine's Day 2011. (yes, i know that is today)
I awake around the early hour of 7 AM (i kinda got into sleeping in lately). Very groggy.. i got a cold. blah.
I sort the mounds and mounds of laundry. 
5 minutes later the 3 and a half yr old comes out of his room demanding Apple tea (apple juice) and food immediately!!! ( i tell him he has to lay down on the couch cuz it is too early)
He tells me that " it IS a beautiful day mommy!" 
I proceed to get him his apple tea. And somehow.. I.. Yes ME. spills the whole thing,, all over my cozy jammies. all around and under the fridge. yuck. 
I take off my pants and mutter under my breath.
The 3 and a half yr. old tells me i need to go put some other pants on. 
Five minutes later the 15 month enters the scene. 
She is a grump. I don't blame her though, cuz she's feeling down right yuck too.
All will be better soon because my coffee is almost ready!!!! :)
Ah coffee yum... wait? why does this taste minty?? Ugh, i somehow poured it into my partialy filled cup of leftover mint tea from the night before..... 
Oh Well..
It's high time to get everyone dressed and out the door. 
9 AM we are out the door. 
Thank-you God for Grandma's who will take 3 yr old when mommy needs a break.
Brooklyn stays with me and we zoom to the Dr's.
Another double ear infection. 
This is the year of paying out the wazoo for sick Dr. visits
The Dr. says its time to see an ENT for tubes for her.
There goes more $$$.
Anyhow after the dr. visit Brooklyn and i have an enjoyable time shopping......
Hmmm, well enjoyable except for the part where she fit under the fitting room door and took off while i was in the process of trying on an article of clothing. So i dashed out after her(fully dressed:)) and then of course locked myself out of the changing room and had to ask to get back in.. 
And with shopping there goes more $$$$, but for fun stuff this time:)
We zoom home and do more laundry, etc.
Then go pick up big brother. 
Who of course, as soon as we enter our home, is wondering.."where are we going tonight?"
I say- No where my dear.
Then little girl takes a nap.
Little boy plays with a big empty box, which is his home, boat, etc. And then watches a movie.
Then we eat supper. Left over pizza and sparkling grape juice. And peas. Can't forget them. How can we. There are like millions of them scattered all over the floor as i speak thanks to little girl. 
Then I give medicine.
Give a few spankings. 
Settle fights.
Give baths. 
All the while I'm feeling..
then cold. 
then hot.
Then blowing my nose again and again. 
Why didn't i get the 25 boxes of tissues deal the other week at CVS???
PaPa and Grandma Wengerd stop in with some yummy choc. covered nuts and a lil visit. 
Ahhh bedtime for the kiddos.. I am excited! 
Was going to make flowers(my newest hobby)
Or jog for awhile(my second newest hobby)
But then i thought ... I feel too yuck.. I'm just going to read. 
But the book i was going to read is too scary.
And i don't want to read scary..
Dear hubby is away working.. delivering many barns. And needed to stay overnight to get them all out in a timely manner. 
And it just so happened to be Valentine's Day. 
But its alright we will celebrate later and totally make up for it all!!!:)
I think i shall just go to bed. For tomorrow starts out exciting. 
Or not. 
Taking my 3 year old to get a cleaning done at the dentist. 
I dread such things. 
After tomorrow i think my week is going to be just grand!!!!!:)

So that was my Valentine's day! How was yours?
I'm so blessed beyond measure. 
So many people around who love me and so many people to love.